4 Best Dog Crate for German Shepherd Size to Buy in 2024– Review

best dog crate for german shepherd

Once you adopt or buy a German German dog, you must create a homely space where your dog will retreat in his free time. The new haven can act as a dining area, safety net, or even a bedroom.

A German Shepherd is a large dog breed, and it needs a spacious dog crate measuring 42 to 48 inches. A standard large dog crate can measure 48 x 30 x 33 inches, which is perfect for a German Shepherd.

The best way to create a “homely” place for your German Shepherd is to buy a dog crate for your German Shepherd. A good dog crate should be comfortable, durable, and spacious enough for a large dog like a GSD.

If you are in the market for the best dog crate for German Shepherd, here are quick links to dog crates we recommend:


4 Best Dog Crate for German Shepherd Size Reviews: Top Picks  

New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate

This is a 48-inch double-door metal crate for German Shepherd. It is suitable for extra large dogs, and it can accommodate a GSD that is 110 pounds. The New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate is perfect for a German shepherd dog. It serves as a safe space for your dog. The crate is perfect for outdoor fun like camping and indoor use.

If you are looking for a large crate that is easy to assemble, this crate is quick to assemble. It is foldable for portability. In case you move around or travel, the crate is convenient to carry. Each door has two heavy-duty slide latches that secure your dog inside the crate. The crate comes with an easy-to-clean, leak-proof plastic pan for accidents and messes.


  • It can hold an extra-large dog
  • It is leak-proof
  • The crate has two doors
  • It is convenient for travel


  • The plastic plate is not removable

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MidWest iCrate Starter Kit 

If you recently adopted a German Shepherd puppy and you are looking for puppy essentials, a dog crate is one of the basic essentials you need. This MidWest iCrate Starter Kit includes everything a dog crate needs; it has a double-door crate, a dog bed, a dog crate cover, and feeding bowls. It is a 48-inch crate, great for a large dog.

The best thing about this crate is that your dog can grow with it because it comes with a dividing panel. The dog bed is comfortable and soft, and it is made of fleece material. The bed can be machine-washed.  This kit also comes with two stainless steel and rust-resistant bowls to feed your German Shepherd.


  • The bed is great
  • It has a dividing panel
  • The bowls are stainless steel
  • It accommodates an extra large dog


  • The sticker at the bottom of the feeding bowls

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

The MidWest Homes for Pets XXL crate is perfect for fully grown German Shepherds that require spacious spaces to wiggle around. It is 54 inches long to accommodate an extra-large dog. The cage is easy to assemble and has a feature that prevents it from bending during assembly. It has a single door and rubber roller feet to protect your floors during movement.

This crate has a leak-proof plastic pan that can be removed with the door closed. It is a durable crate and has a coat that makes it rust-proof. If you want a well-secured dog crate, this crate has three slide-bolt latches that maximize the security of your large German Shepherd.


  • It is a crate for giant dogs
  • It has extra-security features
  • The leakproof pan can be removed with the door closed


  • The assembly required help

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate

The Amazon Basics Folding Dog Crate is a soft dog crate best suited for travel and camping purposes. It is also great for indoor use. It is affordable and quite popular on amazon. It has a door on the front for access and a top door for ventilation. It also includes meshing windows to ensure that your German Shepherd is ventilated. The fastening straps keep the rolled doors neatly held.

In case you are traveling in a rush, the crate folds quickly. It is lightweight and easy to pack for travel. The 42-inch crate can be used for both large and small dogs. The fabric used on this crate is soft but strong enough to deliver durability.


  • It is a crate for travel purpose
  • The fabric is of great quality
  • It is easy to pack and assemble
  • Has two doors and mesh windows for ventilation


  • You cannot see through the mesh clearly from the outside

Factors to Consider when buying Crate for German Shepherd


A German Shepherd is a big dog. Your dog needs a crate large enough for them to fit in comfortably and also move around. The crate for German Shepherd should be 48 inches and above. The smallest crate should be at least 42 inches.

Additional features

A good crate is one with an additional set of features. Consider getting a crate that has dividing panels that will allow your dog to grow with the crate. Other additional features include a removable plastic plate.


A crate for a German Shepherd should be easy to assemble. Some of the crates we reviewed are easy to assemble on your own.

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A crate acts as your dog’s safe haven, and you should make sure you get a crate that your dog will love. The crates we reviewed are the most popular picks in the market, with thousands of customer reviews to their name. Remember to consider the essential features such as size, durability, and assembly before buying your dog a crate.

If you love camping with your dog, Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate is the best dog crate for German Shepherd that you can buy. The crate has all the essentials your dog needs for great travel and camping.


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