German Shepherd Puppies in Mississippi – Top 9 Breeders! (2023)

German Shepherd Puppies in Mississippi

Finding quality breeders selling the best German Shepherd puppies in Mississippi feels a bit overwhelming, so we created this guide to help you streamline your search. Many consider German Shepherds one of the most versatile dog breeds because of their use in search and rescue, military, and police work.

One factor that many encounter when looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Mississippi is whether or not the puppies they find are from unethical puppy mills. Reputable breeders prioritize each puppy’s health, have years of experience with the breed, and produce limited litters yearly, which is why we have the list of the best German Shepherd puppies in Mississippi for you.

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1. Pigeon Ridge German Shepherds

Pigeon Ridge German Shepherds German Shepherd Puppies in Mississippi

One of the best places you can find healthy working and companion German Shepherd puppies Mississippi residents will adore is Pigeon Ridge German Shepherds, located near the state’s Northern region. Since 2016, this breeder has prioritized breeding Western show-line German Shepherds for their health, temperament, conformation, and pedigree.

Every sire and dam in this breeder’s breeding program has health clearances for degenerative myelopathy, which leads to gradual limb paralysis, and extensive American Kennel Club pedigrees. Besides socializing the puppies, the breeder prepares them for life in their new homes with a headstart on leash, crate, and potty training.

All puppies go to their new homes with a two-year health guarantee, microchip registration, up-to-date vaccination and deworming records, and a limited AKC registration. This breeder offers limited puppy visitation via appointments.

Pigeon Ridge German Shepherds Details:

2. Von Godwinhaus German Shepherds

Von Godwinhaus German Shepherds

Von Godwinhaus German Shepherds is a small, family-operated breeder in Northeast Mississippi. They specialize in breeding show-line Western German Shepherds and European working-line German Shepherds with stock and long coats. They have over 20 years of breeding experience, prioritizing their temperament, health, and conformation above all else. 

Their AKC-registered sires and dams get tested for several breed-specific evaluations and compatible temperaments before producing litters. All puppies get handled from birth and socialized at an early age. The breeder posts litter updates on Facebook and Instagram. They can arrange in-person visits by appointment.

New owners can take their puppies home after eight to nine weeks. All puppies have microchi[p registration, age-appropriate shots and deworming, limited AKC registration, and a copy of their parents’ pedigrees.

Von Godwinhaus German Shepherds Details:

3. Glückstadt German Shepherds

Glückstadt German Shepherds

If you live near Jackson, one of the closest breeders offering German Shepherd puppies in Mississippi is Glückstadt German Shepherds. Natalie Churchman specializes in breeding German Shepherds with excellent working abilities that meet the breed standards set by the SV and placing them in active homes.

All dogs in her breeding program must pass obedience, tracking, and protection tests before being deemed eligible to produce litters. She tests her dogs for genetic hip problems. Like most trustworthy breeders, she socializes her puppies and monitors their temperaments.

When new owners pick up their German Shepherd puppies, they receive up-to-date vaccination and deworming records, a health guarantee, a copy of their puppy’s pedigree, AKC registration, a sample of puppy food, and a folder with puppy care information.

Glückstadt German Shepherds Details:

4. Blackjack’s German Shepherds

Blackjack’s German Shepherds

Blackjack’s German Shepherds, located in the state’s Northwestern region, is another one of the best places to find German Shepherd puppies for sale in Mississippi. This breeder specializes in breeding show-line West German Shepherds with champion bloodlines.

This breeder keeps their puppies in a temperature-controlled nursery until they’re old enough to move around the house. They monitor their social and physical development daily. This breeder requires interested applicants to send a $100 non-refundable deposit for placement on their waiting list and a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy.

Eligible families can take their puppies home after eight weeks. Each puppy goes home with a five-generation pedigree, limited AKC registration, up-to-date health records, a sample of puppy food, and a 26-month health guarantee for genetic hip problems.

Blackjack’s German Shepherds Details:

5. Granny’s Grand Puppies

Granny’s Grand Puppies

Granny’s Grand Puppies offers AKC German Shepherd puppies in Mississippi to anyone seeking lovable companion dogs. You can find this breeder in Jackson County, in Southern Mississippi. Ophelia Klutts raises her puppies in a stable, clean environment and prioritizes breeding for each puppy’s temperament, health, and stature to meet and improve breed standards.

This breeder prioritizes testing the German Shepherds in her breeding program for hip dysplasia and other breed-specific health problems before producing limited litters. Her dogs have extensive pedigrees, ensuring authentic, purebred litters. The puppies get handled daily and play outdoors when supervised.

All puppies have age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming, AKC registration, and health guarantees. Consider calling or texting this breeder if you have any questions about her available puppies.

Granny’s Grand Puppies Details:

6. JB’s German Shepherds

JB’s German Shepherds

If you’re looking for the healthiest German Shepherd puppies Mississippi offers in the state’s Southern region, consider reaching out to JB’s German Shepherds. Breeder Juan Balanos prioritizes breeding sable-colored German Shepherds as family companions that meet breed standards temperament and health-wise.

Every dog in Juan’s breeding program undergoes thorough health and temperament evaluations before he plans a litter. He treats every puppy like family before letting eligible applicants pick the ones they want as they grow.

All puppies are evaluated by a veterinarian and socialized before their new owners take them home. They have health guarantees and qualify for limited AKC registration. Out-of-state buyers can request puppy shipping services for an additional fee.

JB’s German Shepherds Details:

7. PSD Kennels

PSD Kennels

Located in Pearl River County, PSD Kennels is another breeder offering German Shepherd puppies for families throughout Mississippi. Cindi Gascon raises her AKC German Shepherds inside her home, giving each puppy extra attention as they grow. She also breeds Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Cindi tests her dogs for genetic hip and elbow dysplasia before deeming them eligible for her breeding program. This breeder socializes her puppies daily and offers training for owners after taking their puppies home.

Every German Shepherd puppy goes home with a two-year health guarantee for life-threatening health issues, microchip registration, up-to-date vaccinations and deworming, and lifetime breeder support.

PSD Kennels Details:

8. Alpine German Shepherds

Alpine German Shepherds

One of the top places for the best German Shepherd puppies Mississippi offers is Alpine German Shepherds, located north of Tupelo. This small, family-operated breeder specializes in old-style German Shepherds with straight backs, larger bone structures, and low or medium drives. Lisa Glidewell’s puppies have sound temperaments suitable for most families.

Each sire and dam gets tested for hip and elbow issues through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. This breeder socializes and handles the puppies within her home, getting them accustomed to daily home life. She interviews all applicants to ensure they’re the right fit for her puppies and offers in-person visits by appointment.

Besides having health guarantees and up-to-date shot and deworming records, all German Shepherd puppies go home with limited AKC registration. The breeder’s spay or neuter contract requires new owners to get their puppies fixed when they’re at least two years old.

Alpine German Shepherds Details:

9. Von Vinson Kennel

Von Vinson Kennel

If you’re looking for the best German Shepherd puppies Mississippi offers northwest of Tupelo, Von Vinson Kennel might be your best option for your new furry companion. This breeder has over 15 years of experience raising show-line West German Shepherds with champion bloodlines in a stable, family-friendly environment to promote their protective nature. 

Besides testing their dogs for congenital hip and elbow issues, this breeder’s dogs have proven Schutzhund titles for protection, tracking, and obedience, ensuring litters with sound temperaments and excellent trainability. They socialize their puppies with people and other dogs and get them accustomed to household noises.

All puppies get evaluated by a local veterinarian and receive up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccinations before they go to their new homes. You can sign up for their waitlist for future litters online.

Von Vinson Kennel Details:

Conclusion for German Shepherd Puppies in Mississippi

When searching for the healthiest German Shepherd puppies Mississippi offers, consider contacting breeders willing to answer all your questions about their breeding program and keep in contact throughout the puppy application process. Reputable breeders post information about their dogs’ pedigrees and health testing on their websites.

German Shepherds require plenty of exercise and training to develop into loyal and protective home guardians or service dogs, so you’ll need to find breeders who breed dogs with sound temperaments. 

We hope this list of breeders can help you pick your top options before choosing one that matches your puppy preferences.

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