What Is The IQ Of A German Shepherd? Explained

What is the IQ of a German Shepherd

As compared to other breeds of dogs, German Shepherds are extremely intelligent. This is the third-smartest breed of dog in the world, according to specialists. Because they rank high in obedience and work intelligence, they are a logical choice for police officers and other professions that need dogs that will respond appropriately.

This begs the question, what is the IQ of a German Shepherd?


How Is A Dog’s IQ Measured?

To measure the IQ of a dog, a specific test should be performed, and IQ scales should be created. A recent study suggests that dogs have an average IQ of 80, despite the fact that they rarely have IQ tests. Even though dogs are less intelligent than humans, they are highly intelligent. In order to determine a German Shepherd’s IQ, several factors are considered.

Information Retention

What is the IQ of a German Shepherd

There is no better classic dog picture than this. When a dog is able to retain information easily, they will score higher on information retention tests. It is a sign of high information retention when a dog can learn and complete a new command with few repetitions.

A dog’s score will increase the fewer repetitions and more accurate behavior he exhibits. It’s no surprise that German Shepherds score well in this category.

Instinctive Intelligence

As a dog breed, dogs are capable of accessing their instincts through this type of intelligence. All dogs are bred to serve a specific purpose, which resides somewhere in their brain. Where can they find it? Are they able to access it?

A German Shepherd is an intelligent dog that possesses a lot of instinctive abilities, including herding, being a sheepdog, and acting as a guard dog. He will easily be able to herd people and watch over his handler because he has these instincts.

A herding dog also has a better ability to solve problems than other dogs. To push their natural intelligence further, German Shepherds regularly make use of this enhanced problem-solving ability.

Adaptive Intelligence

It is also possible to have adaptable intelligence. Adaptability and intelligence are the signs of their ability to adapt to human interaction. Instructed dogs, for instance, understand what to do and will follow it – despite their strange behavior.

Various types of testing are carried out in order to determine how intelligent a German Shepherd is. It’s true that some dogs are smart in some categories, but German Shepherds are smart in all categories!

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train?

In addition to their intelligence, loyalty, and trainability, German Shepherds are also well known for their loyalty. Is it really so easy to train these dogs?

They have a combination of qualities that makes them an ideal training candidate. In addition to German Shepherds’ natural obedience and eagerness to please, here are five reasons they make the best trainers.

Obedience Comes Naturally

Dogs such as German Shepherds are excellent candidates for training because they possess an innate sense of obedience. Despite being naturally obedient and loyal, they will not hesitate to obey their owners’ commands.

Furthermore, they are quick and accurate at following complex instructions and responding to verbal cues.

Highly Intelligent

Due to their intelligence, German Shepherds are generally easy to train. In addition to understanding complex commands, these dogs can remember them for a long time.

The constant reinforcement of their behavior allows them to learn new behaviors quickly and retain information even when reinforcement is not provided for long periods of time.

Eager To Please

It is believed that German Shepherds are highly motivated by praise and rewards, making their owners and trainers eager to please them.

As a result, owners can teach them new skills or reinforce existing ones with treats or toys that reinforce their eagerness to learn.

Strong Bond With Their Owners

It is much easier for owners of German Shepherds to train their dogs effectively when there is a strong bond between the dogs and the owners.

As these dogs trust their owners implicitly, they will respond positively to commands and rewards when they are given.

It is also easier for pet owners to create a lifelong bond with their pets because of this bond.

Highly Adaptable

Finally, German Shepherds are highly adaptable animals that thrive in various environments.

They can easily adapt to varying training methods and changes in routine without becoming distressed or anxious, which makes it easier for pet owners to provide constant training sessions while still meeting their pets’ needs.

How Can You Tell How Smart Your German Shepherd Is?

There are a few things you can do to determine how smart your dog is. Some of them can even be fun for both you and it.

Learns Fast

To find out what is the IQ of a German Shepherd, he must be capable of learning new commands and tricks quickly. Most people consider dogs with short learning curves more intelligent than those who take a long time to learn commands.

German Shepherds aren’t engineers, but they don’t have a hard time figuring things out. They love solving puzzles more than anything. You can test your German Shepherd’s smarts by giving him a puzzle toy and seeing how long it takes to solve it.

Has A Good Memory

What is the IQ of a German Shepherd

Your dog’s memory should be good if it remembers commands and tricks taught weeks or months ago. A dog that remembers commands even after a long period of time is often considered more intelligent than one that forgets them too quickly after receiving them.


Curiosity in dogs is a sign of intelligence, as they enjoy exploring new objects, people, and environments. Curiosity is generally a sign of intelligence in dogs, compared to those who lack it.

If your dog needs to find all the treats in your room or backyard to pass the test, hide them throughout the room or backyard. You should time how long your dog takes to find each one. Locate them where your dog likes to explore and allow him to find them.

Problem-Solving Skills

Getting to a toy or opening a door that is out of reach is a sign that your dog is intelligent. The dogs that are able to solve problems quickly and efficiently are often considered to be more intelligent than those that struggle to figure things out.

A good way to see if your dog is able to solve problems is to play games with it. If your dog cannot find a treat under a cup, try hiding it under it and rearranging the cups. If your dog has to work through a puzzle or maze in order to get a treat, you can hide treats in toys.

How Can You Make A German Shepherd Smarter?

There are a few things you can do to help make your German Shepherd smarter. Doing these things regularly will increase your dog’s ability to learn.

Let Your Dog Explore

Your dog views the world primarily through its olfactory senses. Dogs’ brains process scent approximately 40 percent more efficiently than humans’. They are also able to detect scent up to 300 times more effectively than us, who have comparatively few scent receptors.

Taking walks not only provides physical exercise, but also mental stimulation. Getting there isn’t difficult. Walk the same route, but in the opposite direction to where you normally finish.

Alternatively, you can walk on the other side of the street.

Even small changes allow us to be more present in our surroundings, as well as provide new terrain for our pups.

Mental Stimulation

A dog’s mental stimulation is vital because it keeps him cognitively on top of things. Our pet parents know how mentally drained, bored, and uninspired we feel after the same old routine every single day! 

The obstacle course can provide your dog with more mental stimulation, even if you’ve never participated in dog sports. To entice them, set up an enticing set-up you can navigate around and through using whatever you have on hand.

Put a blanket over a few dining chairs to make a tunnel, move a small footstool into the middle of the room to serve as a jump, and lay a line of books on the floor so they can walk.

In addition to low benches and tomato stakes, you can use other items in your backyard to create this effect. Mental stimulation will follow when you use your imagination!


Dog owners understand the importance of exercising their pets daily to keep them healthy. It is important to keep muscles, joints, hearts, and lungs in good health in order to stay fit and healthy. However, you’d be wrong if you believe your dog only needs to walk and play.

In order for dogs to thrive, their mental muscles should also be exercised. These exercises, while not considered physical activity, offer a number of health benefits. Additionally, both pursuits can exhaust your dog in different ways.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated, learning new tricks may be one of the first things that come to mind. As simple as shaking a paw and rolling over, you can start practicing some of the most common maneuvers.

Adding one at a time until their repertoire expands after they have mastered one can be done until they have mastered all of them. Dogs can learn a variety of tricks. YouTube videos of doggies will show you just how much your pup is capable of.

To maintain impulse control, your dog needs to learn tricks. The bond between dogs and humans is also known to be strengthened when they are trained to respond to commands. A few minutes a day are all that it takes to train a dog at home.

Talk To Your Dog

For fun mental stimulation for your dog, try this method. You likely already know the names of your dog’s special toys if you own a few. Remind your dog’s memory of the names every time they see you playing with the toys.

Toys your dog plays with regularly can be used as a starting point for finding the toy. Under a blanket or behind the couch, you can hide the toy, and you can ask your dog to find it. In order to ensure your pup remembers what the toy is, repeat its name frequently.

Your dog must practice with their toys every day to learn to remember their names.

Make Playtime Learning Time

What is the IQ of a German Shepherd

When trying to understand what is the IQ of a German Shepherd, think about a dog enrichment game as an alternative to puzzle toys. As we discussed before, scent games can assist your dog in developing his brain as well as other types of games. You will find a few tips below.

There are two things that most dogs enjoy doing: exploring and searching for things. It’s so cute to watch your pup pawing through the toy box until they find the ball they’ve been looking for. It’s no secret that dogs love digging in the dirt and will do anything to see what’s moving in the flower bed!

If you teach your dog how to behave in this way, you can use the shell game to your advantage. Your dog can be challenged by placing a treat under three identical cups from your kitchen.

The first time you give your dog a treat, let him see where it is before you move the containers around and ask him to find it. Start slowly at first, so your pet becomes accustomed to it.

Did you know that there are doggie board games you can get for your dog? There are several types of games that dogs enjoy, and many of them involve hiding treats and finding them. A variety of enrichment games are available to enhance cognitive stimulation.

Conclusion For “What Is The IQ Of A German Shepherd?”

German Shepherds are indeed one of the smartest breeds, ranking third among all dog breeds. Their intelligence is measured by evaluating several factors, including information retention, instinctive intelligence, and adaptive intelligence. These intelligent dogs are easy to train due to their inherent obedience, intelligence, eagerness to please, adaptability, and strong bond with their owners.

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