How Often Should I Bathe My German Shepherd?

How Often Should I Bathe My German Shepherd?

Bathing a German shepherd can be challenging especially if your dog cannot keep calm. Bathing your GSD will make his coat shiny and free of oily odors. If your German shepherd keeps playing in the dirt, you might be tempted to wash him regularly, but is it safe for his health?

German shepherds should be bathed once in 3-4 months. They have a double undercoat that contains natural oils that can be stripped by regular baths, this makes them prone to skin infections.

Read on for tips on how to bathe your German shepherd and more.


How Often Should I Bathe My German Shepherd?

You should bathe your GSD, not more than once times in four months.

At times, your German shepherd might get dirty a few hours after a bath by rolling in the mud. You can wash him but make sure you take precautions to keep him off muddy areas or extremely dirty places.

If he did not get mud on the whole body, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

Disadvantages Of Over Bathing Your German Shepherd

When washing German shepherds, dog shampoo is a basic requirement. Every time you bathe your dog, the shampoo removes dirt and a small layer of natural oils from the coat.

The more you bathe your dog, the more the natural oils will be stripped off his fur. This will lead to these problems;

  • Dry skin
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Itchiness that leads to wounds
  • Producing skin odors
  • Greasy coat
  • Dull coat

Note: the greasy coat will be there after the skin has first dried. When the dog is overly bathed, the natural oils dry up, this sends a signal to the body that there are insufficient oils on the skin making it release in excess. The excess oil will make the coat greasy and eventually smelly. You can’t live with a smelly GSD, right? In the end, you will bathe him more which will be a repeated mistake.

Which Shampoo To Use/Avoid For German Shepherds

In today’s market, there are various types of dog shampoos to choose from. The only secret to picking the right one is checking if it has natural ingredients.

Regular pet shampoos are mostly advertised as safe and healthy for your dog but they contain harsh chemicals which will damage his skin.

Shampoos made of purely natural ingredients will guarantee a healthy and glowing coat. Avoid using;

  • Regular pet shampoo.
  • Human shampoo.
  • Dawn washing liquid.

Baby shampoo can be used to bathe your German shepherd but only when there is no natural ingredient canine shampoo.

Bathing German shepherd Puppies

The process required to bathe a German shepherd puppy is different from that of an adult.

Read on to know the best way to keep your GSD puppy clean and when to bathe him.

How Often Should I Wash My German Shepherd Puppy?

German shepherd puppies should be bathed 6-7 months after birth. You can use baby powder to freshen him up instead of a bath. This duration will allow your GSD puppy to develop the natural oils without interruptions.

There are some instances where your puppy must take a bath, provided he is done with his vaccination he can be bathed. A puppy below 16-18 weeks should not be bathed as it is not healthy.

Tips for A Great Bath To Your German Shepherd

Don’t Force Him into Water

You should lure your dog into the water but not use force. If you force him, he will hate bathing and will not rest in the whole bathing process.

Use a calm voice and guide him to the water gently, this will make him calm making the bathing process easy. It will also create a bonding time.

Use Room Temperature Water only

You should not use cold, warm, or hot water to bathe your dog. use room temperature water only. Hot water will easily rip off the natural oils while warm water will make him shiver after a bath especially in winter. Coldwater can also startle him.

Brush the coat before a bath

This is mostly for long-haired German shepherds. This will help minimize the likelihood of having matted hair or hair clumps.

Use a metal brush to untangle and remove dead hairs.

Lather properly

Use an adequate amount of shampoo to lather. Remember that natural ingredient shampoos are not highly concentrated and you have to use a plentiful amount.

Use dog treat to keep him calm

You can use commercially available or homemade treats like liver, carrots, or peanut butter. Treats will make baths enjoyable and calm.

Rinse Properly

You must be certain that the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed. If you leave some remains of the shampoo, your dog will have itchy skin.

Dry Him Thoroughly

Use a towel or a blow dryer to dry the water. Make sure that he is completely dry to prevent your dog from having a cold.

Bottom Line

You should bathe your German shepherd once in 3-4 months while puppies should be bathed after he is through with vaccination. Over bathing can make his coat dull and prone to skin problems.

Always use the natural ingredient dog shampoo to wash your German shepherd.


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