Best Dog DNA Test for German Shepherd-2023 Review

Best Dog DNA Test for German Shepherd

It is like every pet parent is curious about their dog’s ancestry. While it is important to know what your dog is made of, most of the time, we are just curious to discover the different mixed breeds in our pets.

If your German shepherd has some unique physical features or some different characteristics, maybe they are a mixed breed. To find out the truth, a proper DNA test is required. Dog DNA tests not only satisfy our curiosity but also inform us of important health information concerning our dogs.

The best dog DNA test for German shepherd is Wisdom Panel Premium. The test can screen over 200 genetic conditions and test for over 350 breed types. If your German shepherd has even the slightest mix, this test reveals mixes down to 1% and explanations behind the unique physical traits that your dog might have.


Best Dog DNA Test for German Shepherd

Wisdom Panel Premium

The wisdom panel premium can screen over 200 genetic conditions, which makes it outstanding among other dog DNA tests. It is developed by the best veterinarians and geneticists.

This test gives a comprehensive overview of a German shepherd’s traits, ancestry, and health. This test screens over 350 types of dog breeds.

The DNA test can tell if your German shepherd has even the slightest breed mix; it shows breed mix down to 1%. The test helps you learn about your dog’s physical features with its over 35 traits test.

With this DNA test, you get to understand your dog’s characteristics such as their coat, eyes, shape, and weight among other things. The test equips you with the understanding you need to make future decisions about your German shepherd.


  • It screens over 200 genetic conditions
  • It can test over 350 types of dog breeds
  • It shows breed mix down to 1%
  • It has over 35 traits test


  • It is expensive

Embark Dog DNA Test

This DNA test was developed in one of the best schools of veterinary medicine. Embark dog DNA test can screen for over 350 dog breeds, to give you an accurate breakdown of your German shepherd’s genes.

The test is performed by an easy check swab. The results are available online within a short period of 14 days.

With this test, you can find out if your German shepherd relates or shares DNA with other dog breeds. The test can detect breed contributions of down to 5%, which is more precise than another DNA test in the market.

Another advantage of this test is that with an upgraded embark account, you are provided with crucial information about 200+ genetic conditions that your dog is likely to be at risk of getting.


  • It is easy to perform the test
  • It can tell breed contribution down to 5%
  • There is information about predisposed genetic conditions


  • The results may not be what you expect

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Orivet Dog DNA Test

The Orivet dog DNA test is formulated to collect your dog’s buccal cells in less than a minute. You can avoid the hassle of collecting a sample from your German shepherd’s mouth, through this test’s quick swab.

The test screens for over 350 breeds, types, and canines. It is a reliable DNA test. It is a trusted DNA test and is used by veterinarians and dog breeders.

Without the stress of sample collection, you can submit your sample within minutes and have the results online within a maximum of three weeks. The test narrows down your dog’s breed mix, down to every percentage if any.


  • It collects a dog’s buccal cells in a minute
  • It is affordable
  • It gives the exact percentage of any breed your dog might have
  • It tests for more than 350  breeds


  • The company takes time to respond to emails

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DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Test

This DNA test gives the fastest results, in less than two weeks upon submission of the sample. It is easy to administer a quick test that can be done anywhere, at you and your dog’s convenience.

The test gives a report on every breed found in your dog, with the exact percentage. It can test for hundreds of breeds in a dog.

With this test you can have a full breed determination report and canine breed DNA analysis certificate for a German shepherd. It also gives you generic health concerns and personality traits of every breed found in your dog.


  • It delivers fast results
  • Full breed certification is provided
  • It informs you of generic health concerns
  • It gives the personality traits of breeds found in your dog


  • Results may seem a little off

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How Many Breeds Can a DNA Test Detect in a Dog?

The DNA test we have reviewed can detect over 350 breed types in a dog. A DNA test can tell every one of the over 350 breeds in your dog by their percentage. It is also possible for a DNA test to tell down a breed mix even if it’s just 5%.

What is the Average Price of a Dog DNA Test?

To buy a dog DNA test, you need a minimum of 60 dollars. Most dog DNA tests cost between 60 to 205 dollars, depending on the brand and how much information the test reviews.
Some tests review only the breed while others give additional information like the genetic health risk condition of your dog.

How Long Do Dog DNA Tests Take?

After taking your dog’s sample and submitting it, DNA tests take about 2-3 weeks to have the results ready.

It is interesting to know your German shepherd’s ancestry.

DNA tests help you discover whether your dog has a mix of other breeds or whether it is purebred. All these discoveries are important because it helps you make the best decision for your pet’s supplies.

If you want a DNA test that’s easy to use, the Orivet Dog DNA Test is here for you. This test eases your sample collection with an easy cheek swab. It accurately narrows down every breed that your dog might have with its specific percentage.


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