Best Fencing for German Shepherd (invisible/containment fence)

When your dog is outside playing in the compound, controlling the movements is hard when you have not built a fence around your property. Your dog needs freedom to play outside but the movements must be controlled and monitored for the dog’s safety. The best option is having an invisible fence or an underground fence, to keep movements under control.

Invisible fences are reliable for German Shepherds and give the owner a feeling of security, knowing that your dog is safe within the boundaries. Underground fences are best for large compounds because they can be expanded to cover larger areas.

The best fencing for German Shepherd is PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System. This is a popular fence for German Shepherd and has a proven record of keeping the dog safe within its boundaries. It is an invisible fence that covers up to ½ acre of land.

The fence comes with an adjustable, water-proof collar. The collar has static stimulation for correcting your dog when he goes outside the boundaries. You can have several pets within the fence by linking several collars to the receiver. The battery lasts for two months and indicates when you need to recharge.

Best Fencing for German Shepherd

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

This is a popular invisible fence for German Shepherd. It fences an area of up to half an acre. It creates a wireless boundary to protect your dog from going beyond where he is supposed to.  This fence allows your German Shepherd to return within the boundaries without being corrected.

The fence comes with an adjustable collar that can fit large dogs. The collar is water-proof, which means that your dog can play with it freely. You can customize your dog’s collar with the settings. This fence is compatible with more than one collar; you can have several pets within your boundaries. The battery lasts up to two months.


  • It is compatible with several collars
  • You can customize the collar settings
  • The collar is adjustable
  • Your dog can return within the boundaries by themselves
  • The battery is long-lasting


  • The collar settings have to be on the lowest levels so as not to hurt the dog

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs

If your German Shepherd is stubborn, this is the best invisible fence for them. This fence covers an area of ¾ acres. This collar has a tone-only mode and 5 static levels for stubborn dogs. It allows your German Shepherd to get back home without correcting them when they go beyond the boundaries.

The fence has an adjustable, water-proof collar that can be customized to fit your dog’s neck comfortably. The receiver collar charge lasts up to three weeks. This fence is portable and you can carry it when going camping or when you take your dog with you on a vacation. It is easy to set up.


  • It covers a large area
  • Great for stubborn German Shepherds
  • You can carry it for trips and camping
  • Easy to set up


  • It might have issues if your terrain is hilly

SportDOG Brand Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Systems

This fence is perfect for a large compound. It covers more than one acre and can be expanded to fence 100 acres. It is great for training your dog and for a sporty German Shepherd. This fencing limits your dog from going beyond the boundaries. It does this through the collar that makes a static movement when your dog is off-limits.

The collar features water-proof technology and can be customized to the comfort of your dog. The batteries last up to two months and are rechargeable within two hours. There are settings for the shock collar; you can fix them according to your dog.


  • It covers a large area
  • It controls the dog’s movement
  • The collar is water-proof


  • The settings can be confusing if you don’t go through them

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence for Dogs

This is a budget fence for stubborn German Shepherds. It has the highest level of static correction plus four other levels. If your dog has hearing problems, this fence is perfect for them. The neck collar can be adjusted from 6 to 28 inches. The collar is water-proof and has an indicator for low battery.

You can have several pets by adding a dog receiver. Your dog can enjoy freedom within your back or front yard. The fence can be expanded as desired. It comes with a manual to guide you on how to install it.


  • It is a budget invisible fence
  • Great for a dog with hearing issues
  • It has five static levels
  • It can cover both the back and front yard


  • It does not come with batteries

Factors to Consider when Buying an Invisible Fence for German Shepherd


The fence should cover your area sufficiently. Some fences can be expanded to cover a larger area, especially the underground fences. If you have acres of the compound, purchasing an expandable fence is the best option for you.

Collar compatibility

If you have several pets, the best fence is one that is compatible with several collars for several pets. This enables you to keep your pets safe within one fence and compound.

The collar

A good invisible fence comes with a great collar. The best collar is one that is flexible to fit your German Shepherd. The collar should also be water-proof and durable.


The best thing about an invisible fence is that it allows your dog to return within the boundaries without being corrected for stepping outside the fence. Invisible fences have several levels of static stimulation that can be customized according to your dog. Getting an invisible fence helps calm your anxiety and helps your dog to be disciplined with the boundaries.

If your German Shepherd is stubborn, the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence is the best fencing for them. It covers ¾ acres of land and has different levels of static stimulation that are stronger to correct a stubborn dog. This fence is portable; it can be carried when going on trips with your dog.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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