10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Connecticut (2023)

Best German Shepherd Breeders in Connecticut

Do you want to own a German Shepherd but don’t know reputable German Shepherd breeders in Connecticut? German Shepherds are highly intelligent and adorable dogs perfect for families. They are popular because of their courage and ability to protect their owners. They’re also easy to train and energetic dogs.

However, you might not get the perfect dog for your family if you compromise on the breeder. We’ve compiled the best German Shepherd breeders in Connecticut to help you get a loving and playful German Shepherd dog.

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1. Totana Piper Hill German Shepherds

Totana Piper Hill German Shepherds

Totana Piper Hill German Shepherds is a seasoned breeder in Killingworth, Connecticut. The AKC registered breeder aims to breed quality German Shepherds that excel in competitions and boasts excellent trainability. Most of their sires are European imports with decent lineages to maintain the breed’s integrity.

The breeder tests all their dogs to guarantee they don’t have any hereditary diseases. Their in-house vets also examine the dogs’ ears, hearts, and eyes. Totana Piper Hill German Shepherds raise their dogs in a spacious facility, allowing the puppies to explore. The breeder feeds them quality food and supplements to ensure proper growth.

Their dogs must also pass through several training techniques, including dominance dog training, clicker training, and operant conditioning. Your puppy comes with health insurance, so you don’t have to worry if you face a medical emergency. After purchasing a puppy from this breeder, you’ll also get up-to-date vaccination and deworming records.

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2. Nachtwaechter German Shepherds

Nachtwaechter German Shepherds

Founded ten years ago, Nachtwaechter German Shepherds is a reputable breeder that provides training and group classes around Connecticut. The breeder raises their German Shepherd puppies on a 32 acres property where their staff provides them with proper care and love.

Besides raising the puppies in state-of-the-art facilities, the breeder exposes them to different stimulating experiences, including sights and sounds. 

In addition, Nachtwaechter German Shepherds provide the dogs with basic dog training, rendering them excellent family pets. Before leaving the facility, they vaccinate the dogs and ensure they receive all deworming medications.

German Shepherds at this facility are tested for hereditary health diseases. They’ll also provide OFA certifications upon request. Your puppy also comes with a starter kit, pet blanket, training aids, and food.

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3. Wunderhund German Shepherds

Wunderhund German Shepherds

Established in 1984, Wunderhund German Shepherds is an experienced breeder focusing on quality European dogs.

Most of their dogs are working family dogs registered with the American Kennel Club. Before adoption into their breeding program, vets check the dogs to ascertain they don’t have any hereditary defects. They examine the dogs’ ears and hearts to ensure they are healthy.

Wunderhund German Shepherds socialize their dogs, ensuring they react to the world positively without being aggressive. Because they only have a few litters, they provide the puppies with enough time and resources. In addition, they vaccinate all their German Shepherd puppies against distemper and rabies.

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4. ASJ White Shepherds

ASJ White Shepherds

ASJ White Shepherds have been breeding German Shepherds and other dog breeds for over 20 years. The breeder raises all their dogs as family pets. In addition, they rear their puppies in a peaceful environment where they socialize them from the first day.

The breeder also utilizes Early Neurological Stimulation, which they conduct in the first three weeks of the puppy’s life. Their puppies get at least two strokes daily for a human touch experience. Before breeding, ASJ White Shepherds do DNA testing to identify potential diseases that dogs might pass on to the offspring.

In addition, the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certifies the puppies for good health. Your German Shepherd will also come vaccinated, dewormed, and clipped.

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5. Wertvoll German Shepherds

Wertvoll German Shepherds

The breeder aims at producing companion dogs, service pets, and therapy dogs that are well-socialized to fit in most families. Wertvoll German Shepherds raise their dogs as per American Kennel Club standards. Most of their breeding parents come from reputable pedigrees.

The breeder selects their German Shepherd parents, focusing on strength and temperament. They test their genetics to determine if they’ve inherited canine disorders like diabetes mellitus and mast cell tumors.

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6. Legate Hill German Shepherds

Legate Hill German Shepherds

With over 40 years in German Shepherd breeding, Legate Hill German Shepherds’ primary objective is raising well-rounded puppies that fit in all homes. The breeder raises their German Shepherd puppies in homes where they get full attention until they are ready for their new owners.

Legate Hill German Shepherds is a full member of multiple organizations, including the American Kennel Club and GSDC of Greater New Haven. The breeder ensures all their dogs undergo early socialization, exposing them to different situations to produce an easy-to-adjust puppy.

Their dogs are known to be therapy dogs, making them easy to train in new homes. In addition, the breeder does extensive screening to identify any genetic conditions in the parent dogs. To protect the new owner against life-threatening emergencies, each German Shepherd puppy has a two-year health guarantee.

If you face difficulties training your newly acquired puppy, the breeder will help you get a local trainer. You can also contact them if your puppy has challenges adjusting to its new home.

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7. Mystra Shepherds

Mystra Shepherds

Mystra Shepherds has been raising healthy German Shepherd puppies in a pet-friendly environment for over 40 years. The breeder particularly emphasizes early socialization, training, companionship, and intelligence.

Their dogs boast unique characteristics. Thus, you can use them in multiple applications, like helping the physically challenged and acting as service animals. The breeder’s mission is to have stable and dependable puppies in any family setting.

In line with the American Kennel Club, Mystra Shepherds examine their puppies for genetic conditions like allergies, osteosarcoma, and mitral valve disease. The good news about this breeder is that they are transparent about their breeding program. After securing your German Shepherd from them, they’ll continue providing training and grooming tips.

Because they socialize with their dogs, you’ll get a puppy with the best temperaments. Your puppies will be fully vaccinated and dewormed when receiving them. The breeder encourages the potential buyer to visit their facility before purchasing a dog. Consider making an appointment if you’re a first-time buyer.

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8. Lianna Shepherds

Lianna Shepherds

Since its inception in 1991, the breeder has been producing premium quality German Shepherd puppies. Lianna Shepherds raise their puppies in a family home. In addition, they only have two litters per year, making it easy to provide each dog with the best care possible.

German Shepherds puppies at their facility socialize with kids and benefit from basic potty training. Lianna Shepherds has nannies who sleep in the puppy nursery, so the dogs aren’t always alone.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals regularly checks their dogs for any sign of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. You’ll get an American Kennel Club registration certificate and up-to-date details on deworming and vaccination.

Your canine friend also comes with food, diet information, and a two-year health guarantee. Regular buyers get a toy, food, and collar for their German Shepherd puppies.

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9. Cherlyn Shepherds

Cherlyn Shepherds

Located in Stratford, Connecticut, Cherlyn Shepherds has been producing well-trained service and protection dogs for over 40 years. The breeder provides their puppies with basic obedience commands and crate training, making supervising your dog easy. They orthopedically test their German Shepherds to ensure their eyes and elbows are healthy.

In addition, all puppies must be vaccinated and dewormed before leaving the breeder’s facility. Cherlyn Shepherds also perform extensive health testing on their dogs and offer new German Shepherd owners health guarantees. Consider this breeder if you want a healthy German Shepherd with high intelligence and excellent temperament.

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10. Wilhendorf German Shepherds

Wilhendorf German Shepherds

The top-rated breeder has a good history of producing quality German Shepherd puppies in Connecticut with little to no genetic health issues. Wilhendorf German Shepherds dogs excel as service and family dogs.

They raise their puppies in state-of-the-art facilities where humans show them care and attention. The breeder is also a fully accredited member of the American Kennel Club, meaning they conform to the latest breeding standards.

The puppies don’t leave the facility until they are eight weeks old. Wilhendorf German Shepherds perform temperament testing on their German Shepherds, so it’s easy to find the ideal match for every dog.

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Conclusion For “Best German Shepherd Breeders in Connecticut”

Finding reputable German Shepherd breeders in Connecticut can be challenging, but they exist. The best German Shepherd breeders are highly transparent with their breeding process and screen their parent dogs for genetic conditions.

Consider the above breeders if you’re looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Connecticut. We hope the above German Shepherd breeders in Connecticut will help you get a lovely and well-trained puppy. 

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