10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Oregon

Best German Shepherd Breeders in Oregon

Welcome to our guide to the 10 best German Shepherd breeders in Oregon! If you’re looking for a loyal and intelligent companion or a working dog that can excel at a variety of tasks, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most reputable breeders in the state who specialize in producing high-quality German Shepherd puppies.

We’ve gathered important information such as email addresses, phone numbers, websites, locations, and social media links to make your search for the perfect German Shepherd puppies for sale in Oregon seamless. So, let’s get started!

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1. TeMar German Shepherds

TeMar German Shepherds

TeMar German Shepherd Dogs is a family-run breeding program in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. Mary’s (the owner’s) love for German Shepherds started when she was young, when her parents got her a GSD. 

She has been breeding for over 52 years now.

Mary imported her first pair of GSDs from top producers in Germany and Canada and has now established a careful breeding program to produce high-quality German Shepherds with rich pigmentation, breed type, health, and character.

TeMar German Shepherds excel in Schutzhund/Conformation and as loving family companions. 

Each litter of puppies is bred with care to produce consistently high-quality German Shepherds with the correct character. The breeding program emphasizes established show lines, proven working lines, or both. TeMar Shepherds believe in starting with good foundation females, knowledge of bloodlines, and careful planning to find the best suitable male to achieve their breeding goals.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 503-789-7626
LocationHood River Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.instagram.com/vombergwaldk9/

2. Vom Bergwald Shepherds

Vom Bergwald Shepherds

Vom Bergwald Shepherds is a family-owned breeder program in Hood River, Oregon. Their primary goal is to breed German Shepherd puppies in Oregon with excellent temperaments, structures, and health. 

All their GSD puppies are born and raised in their home, ensuring they are well socialized with children, other dogs, and cats. Vom Bergwald German Shepherds imports dogs from proven working bloodlines in the Czech Republic and West Germany to preserve the integrity and upstanding character of the breed. 

Each of the parent GSDs has a BH, ZVVI, and IPO2 title, and detailed certificates about their pedigree, bloodlines, breed survey, critiques, and trial results are readily available on their website.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 (503) 799-1612
LocationCanby, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/TeMarShepherds/

3. CB Kennel and Ranch

CB Kennel and Ranch

CB Ranch and Kennel is a family-run and AKC-inspected kennel in Turner, Oregon. With over twenty years of experience, the family provides versatile GSDs that excel in any direction owing to their exceptional breeding. The puppies are born and raised in their home with their family, which includes six children who all help run their successful farm.

Phone NumberN/A
LocationTurner, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/people/Heather-Brown/pfbid02nMTYgvLeW9SpRG85bYxDscps1Ftr3mKfQShazRSNg2uVsfxdkhVDUHpsvG2ojAa8l/

4. Zimmerhoff German Shepherds

Zimmerhoff German Shepherds

Zimmerhoff German Shepherds is an Eagle Creek, Oregon, breeder focused on breeding healthy and beautiful German Shepherd puppies. The kennel’s interest in working-line German Shepherds originated from the need for safety and protection. The breeding program includes dogs with strong working lineages from the Czech Republic and East Germany, with many international champions in their lineage.

Zimmerhoff German Shepherds combines European working lines with world-class champion ratings in their breeding program, including dogs such as Eliot von Prevent, Biene vom Teufelsgrund, Dago von Weltwitz, Armila vom Haus Jung, Oruger The Boom II V Kraftwerk, and Quanta vom Bajohr. 

The kennel is committed to breeding German Shepherd puppies for working purposes and building lifelong companionships. For more information, contact Zimmerhoff German Shepherds.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 (503) 686-0217
LocationEagle Creek, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/ZimmerhoffGS

5. Vom HausReid German Shepherds

Vom HausReid German Shepherds

For 45 years now, Vom HausReid, a family-run breeding kennel, has been specially breeding working German Shepherds. They focus on producing dogs with strong character, high working ability, and play drives and adhere to the German Shepherd Standard of Breeding. This means they only breed dogs with a minimum of a Schutzhund 1, a VPG 1, an IPO title, and SV or OFA-certified hips.

But what sets them apart is how they select the perfect puppy for each new owner. They test each puppy’s character and temperament, then drive and handpick the new owners based on personality and lifestyle match to ensure the perfect pup-parent fit. Although they are an Oregon-based breeder, Vom HausReid ships dogs wherever buyers need them.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 (503) 363-3647
LocationSalem, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/VomHausReid/

6. Sherman Ranch German Shepherds

Sherman Ranch German Shepherds

Sherman-Ranch is a dedicated German Shepherd breeder who produces outstanding temperament and type with robust German bloodlines. They breed their brood stock and offer high-quality German Shepherd puppies in Oregon, as well as trained youngsters and working dogs, including Schutzhund, IPO, tracking, obedience training, dock diving, agility, herding, and search and rescue. 

Their dogs are raised with family, kids, pets, and livestock to assimilate into their new families easily. Sherman Ranch offers safe air shipping and personal delivery options. In addition to puppies, they occasionally offer started young dogs and trained GSDs for various service and training purposes.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 (541) 281-6829
LocationChiloquin Hwy, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/ShermanRanchGermanShepherds/

7. GrotHaus K9

GrotHaus K9

GrotHaus, located in Prineville, is a breeder specializing in producing true working-line German Shepherd pups with exceptional health, a solid temperament, and strong nerves. They breed versatile dogs, working not only on the field but also on the streets and at home. All their dogs are titled and certified before breeding, ensuring they are healthy and well-trained.

GrotHaus puts a lot of time and effort into planning each litter, starting with quality females, as they are the backbone of a good breeding program. Their dogs are trained, shown, and titled in various activities, including the competitive dog sport of Schutzhund and nosework. Grothaus GSDs are known for being confident, loyal, and excellent companions on and off the field.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 (541) 604-4274
LocationPrineville, Oregon 
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/GrothausK9

8. Heinrich’s German Shepherds

Heinrich’s German Shepherds

Heinrich’s German Shepherds breeds high-quality dogs with pedigrees from the best West German show lines. The dogs are health-tested, have good hips and elbows, and are DM-clear. They come with lifetime breeder support and are raised as cherished family members. The breeding program focuses on breeding for intelligence, health, conformation, and temperament. 

The dogs are straight-backed and have no extreme angulation or “roach back.” They are fed high-quality food and receive up-to-date veterinary care. Contracts of sale are provided for each sale, along with all veterinary and medical information. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a puppy, and an AKC limited registration application will be sent with each pup. Puppies must be spayed or neutered before 18 months of age; confirmation is required. Breeding rights may be sold to approved homes.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 503-899-2428
LocationEugene, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/hgermanshepherds

9. Windridge German Shepherds

Windridge German Shepherds

Elizabeth and her family at Windridge are passionate about German Shepherds and consider them a crucial part of their family. The children have grown up with German Shepherds and cannot imagine life without them. For WindRidge, raising German Shepherds is not just a business but a lifestyle. They prioritize a sound temperament to ensure their puppies are safe around children of all ages and their friends. 

As members of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since 1997, they take responsible breeding seriously and have an AKC certification proving they have met all prerequisites for breeding German Shepherd puppies for sale in Oregon.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 580-450-0232
LocationJunction City, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/WindRidgeGSD/

10. Peychev Shepherds

Peychev Shepherds

Peychev Shepherds is a German Shepherd breeder based in the Pacific Northwest region of Oregon. They’ve been breeding excellent companion and service German Shepherd dogs for the last ten years. They focus on each puppy to ensure they are well-prepared to adapt and transition to their new families seamlessly.

Peychev Shepherds limits the number of litters each year to ensure they screen and socialize each pup individually so they are easy to rehome. The kennel aims to produce happy, healthy, and loving puppies that can spread joy nationwide.

Phone Number+1 360-977-9016
LocationPacific Northwest
Social Mediahttps://www.instagram.com/peychevshepherds/

11. Bonus: Von DubinHaus LLC 

Von DubinHaus LLC 

Originally a GSD breeder, Paul, the founder of Von DubinHaus, has an extensive background in dog training and has been serving the Portland community for over 15 years. He has a great passion for helping dogs with behavioral issues, particularly those struggling with aggression, and has successfully rehabilitated many dogs over the years. 

Previously, Paul was a German Shepherd breeder and imported stock directly from Germany. However, he now focuses solely on training and rescuing shepherds in need. He has a pack of German Shepherds that he bred himself and enjoys spending time with them in his free time. 

Von DubinHaus offers customized training programs for all dog breeds to fit each client’s lifestyle. As someone who no longer breeds but rescues and trains German Shepherds, Paul is a great option for anyone looking to get German Shepherd puppies in Oregon but also wants to give a rescue pup a chance to live in a good home.

Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 503-936-0641
LocationPortland, Oregon
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/people/Von-Dubinhaus-Shepherds/100063136393690/

Conclusion For “Best German Shepherd Breeders in Oregon”

Oregon has a diverse range of German Shepherd breeders, each with a unique approach and philosophy to breeding. Our review of 11 of the best breeders in the state shows that responsible breeding, proper socialization, and a love for the breed are common threads among them. 

Whether you’re looking for a family companion, a working dog, or a show dog, there’s an Oregon breeder to meet your needs. Remember to do your research and ask questions before choosing a breeder to ensure you find a healthy, well-adjusted puppy that will bring you joy and companionship for years.

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