Best Jeep Seat covers for Dog hair

Dogs, especially German Shepherds shed hair a lot, even after brushing. When you travel with your dog, the car seat will get pet hair all over. To keep your Jeep seats protected from this mess, a car seat protects the seats from dog hair, dirt, and accidents.

If you are looking for a jeep seat cover for dog hair, ensure that you measure the size of the seat to get the right seat cover size. Getting a seat cover means that you have to identify the best materials and features, to get the best value for your money. Also, the seat cover keeps your dog safe during travel, it should have safety features.

The best jeep seat cover for dog hair is the Dog Back Seat Cover. It is not only a bestseller but also a popular heavy-duty cover. It has four in-penetrative, water-proof layers that protect your jeep seats from messes and dirt.

This seat cover gives priority to keeping your car interior clean and also ensures that your dog is safe while traveling. It features an anti-slip design to keep your dog secure. You can vacuum clean this seat cover or use a wet rug.

Best Jeep Seat covers for Dog hair

EnRand Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

This dog seat cover is specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler. It is made of high-quality and durable oxford fabric. This seat cover is waterproof. It protects your jeep from messes made by your German Shepherd. The cover includes form stiffeners that keep it in place even when your dog makes movements.

It is a beautiful seat cover, it features an American flag design that looks good in your jeep. If you want a cover that is easy to install, this one comes with ready holes. Your job is just to fasten them to your car.


  • It is made of high- oxford material
  • The seat cover is durable
  • Stays in place
  • Comes with factory holes for fastening


  • The center part that goes behind the seat does not stay up

Dog Back Seat Cover

This is an Amazon bestseller jeep seat cover for dog hair. It features a four-layer seat cover design that is water-proof, protecting your jeep seats from pet messes and mud. The four layers give comfort similar to his bed for your pet. The seat cover fits perfectly on every SUV and takes minutes to install.

If your top priority is to keep your German Shepherd safe, this seat cover has extra safety features. It has 4 headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors. The bottom of the seat cover is non-slip to ensure that your pet is protected. The seat cover is made of the best quality oxford cotton. It is easy to clean using a damp cloth or a vacuum, in case your dog gets dirt on the cover.


  • The bottom of the seat cover is non-slip
  • It takes a minute to install
  • Features a four-layer protective design
  • It is easy to clean
  • Comfortable for the dog


  • The anti-slip rubber has a smell but goes away

Dog Car Back Seat Cover – RBSC Home

This is a heavy-duty car seat cover for dogs. It is great for a jeep. The most outstanding feature about this seat cover is that it does not have an odor even when there is a lot of heat in the car. The seat cover is made of high-quality leather material that is water-proof and easy to clean. You can clean this cover using a good vacuum or a wet rug.

If you have passengers and need to travel with your German Shepherd, this cover can be rolled down on one side, giving room for people while your dog is comfortably seated. The leather is anti-slip and secures your dog in motion. The cover has two pockets, perfect for storing small items.


  • The leather material is anti-slip and of great quality
  • Cover does not have an odor in the heat
  • An easy to clean cover
  • Can accommodate people in the car


  • The stickers don’t adhere to the plastic in the car

Value Dog Car Seat Cover

If your German Shepherd gets anxious when traveling, this is the best car seat cover. It has a unique window mesh that allows your dog to see forward when traveling. This seat cover is perfect for a jeep, it gives a good firm fit for the car seat. The cover takes a few minutes to set up.

 It is double water-resistant and gives maximum protection for your car seats. You don’t have to stress about accidents. The seat cover gives a tidy interior car look by protecting the seats from pet hair and messes. The cover is comfortable and gives room for your dog and kid to share the back seat.


  • It has a unique window mesh
  • Reduces pet anxiety during travel
  • It is waterproof and messes protective
  • Allows sharing of the back seat


  • The zipper tabs are on the inside

Factors to Consider when Buying Jeep Seat Cover for Dog hair


Most seat covers are made of the 600D oxford material, which is tough and durable. If your dog likes biting into the material, ensure that the seat cover is made of bite-resistant material.


The best jeep seat cover for dogs is the water-proof one. In case of an accident, this cover will protect your seats from messes.


Your dogs’ safety is a must. A great jeep sat cover should protect your dog from falling, it should have anti-slip features.


Seat covers are a necessity for a jeep if you travel with your dog. They protect the seats from messes like liquids and hair. Most importantly, they protect your dog and keep him comfortable. the material of seat covers is crucial in offering protection for your car seats and dog.

If your dog gets anxious when traveling, Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover has a unique window mesh that allows the dog to see forward, hence reducing anxiety. This seat cover has anti-slip features to keep your dog safe. It is a great choice for an anxious dog.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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