4 Best Wet Food for German Shepherd Puppy to Buy in 2024– Review

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If you just adopted a German Shepherd puppy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to get everything right. The truth is, puppies require a lot of care, and figuring out exactly what they need takes time. Puppy food is no exception. Before finding the right food that clicks with your pup, it can be a rough journey.

Wet food is good for puppies, whether taken alone or mixed with dry food. It should contain the right blend of nutrients that puppies need for growth. Puppies need nutrients for muscle development, energy, a healthy coat, and cognitive development.

The best-wet food for German Shepherd puppy is Wellness Complete Health Canned Puppy Food. This food has a rich savory taste that your puppy will love. It has all the nutrients for the holistic growth of your puppy.


4 Best Wet Food  for German Shepherd Puppy Review: Top Picks

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Wet Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan puppy food is formulated for puppies 1-year-old or younger. It contains nutrients for healthy puppy development. It has DHA for the brain and eye development of your German Shepherd puppy. The key ingredients include chicken and brown rice.

The chicken and rice help nourish the dog’s skin, and it helps improve the immune system of your puppy. The high-quality chicken in the food provides the high-quality proteins that are important for the muscle development of your puppy.

This puppy food is also rich in calcium, which helps build strong teeth.


  • It has DHA for brain development
  • It has omegas that nourish the puppy’s skin
  • Contains calcium, which is good for teeth development
  • High-quality proteins for the growth of muscles


  • Watch out for dents in the container that could cause odor

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Wet Dog Food

If your puppy does not like chicken, you should go for the Blue Buffalo red meat dinner. This puppy food is chicken-free, grain-free, and packed with beef. It contains DHA amino acids that help in the cognitive development of your German Shepherd puppy. The food is natural and is made with high-quality ingredients.

This puppy food contains vitamins and minerals to promote growth. If you are looking for delicious treats for your puppy when training your puppy, this formula is a great recipe. The puppy food can be mixed with dry food or fed on its own. The grain-free puppy food has no artificial flavors or colors.


  • Contains amino acids for cognitive development
  • The food works well as a treat
  • It has a rich beef taste


  • It needs to be mixed with dry food

Wellness Complete Health Canned Puppy Food

This dog food recipe is created by nutritionists and vets to deliver the best for your German Shepherd puppy. It contains high-quality proteins and veggies. The dog food has a good meaty taste that puppies love. It also has a rich savory protein taste.

The nutrients rich ingredients support your puppy’s immune system. It is also rich in fiber and omegas for a healthy coat. The fiber promotes healthy digestion for your puppy. The healthy antioxidants protect your pup and give them great health. The food is great for the holistic growth of your German Shepherd puppy.


  • Has fiber for good digestion
  • Has antioxidants
  • It is good for a healthy immune system
  • Promotes a healthy coat


  • The fiber could give your puppy soft stool

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food, Puppy

The Hills Science diet puppy food contains sufficient minerals to develop strong teeth. It contains high-quality proteins that are recommended by vets for the development of lean muscles. The ingredients are all-natural and designed to provide the essential nutrients that your puppy needs.

The ingredients are easily digestible for your puppy’s sensitive digestive system. The balanced minerals in the food also promote good bone development. The dog food comes with clear directions on how to feed your puppy.


  • It is recommended for good muscle development
  • It has easily digestible ingredients
  • The minerals promote healthy bone development
  • It favors a puppy’s digestion


  • It goes bad if not refrigerated

Factors to Consider when Buying Wet Food for German Shepherd Puppy


With a new puppy, you are probably still exploring flavors and trying to find a favorite. If you have tried out a few flavors, it is best to buy the one your puppy is fond of to encourage eating.


Wet puppy food has a generous amount of proteins. Proteins are vital for the development of your puppy. The food should also contain minerals, vitamins, and omegas for the overall health of your puppy. It should also have a good amount of carbs to give them the energy to play.

Puppy’s needs

If you want to improve your pup’s skin and hair, wet food with a good amount of omegas will do. If your puppy has digestion issues, the food should have fiber to help with digestion. Depending on what your pet needs most, this should guide you when buying wet food for your German Shepherd.


Wet food is necessary for a German Shepherd’s puppy diet; it contributes to the holistic health of your dog. The ingredients in the wet food are the most important and what a pet owner should be keen about. The wet food should be balanced in nutrient content.

The wet food we have reviewed is the best that contains all the nutrients your puppy needs in one bite. Remember to buy according to what your puppy needs or lacks. It is also good to listen to what your vet recommends when buying wet food for a German Shepherd puppy.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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