Can German Shepherd Eat Raw Meat?

Can German Shepherd Eat Raw Meat?

It can be tempting to feed raw meat to your German shepherd, especially if they are always around you in the kitchen when preparing meat. Is raw meat really safe for German Shepherds?

German shepherds can eat raw meat but it should be supplemented with other food. Various regulatory authorities like the CDC and FDA are against the feeding of raw meat to dogs.

Below is a breakdown of the benefits and health complications associated with feeding raw meat to a German Shepherd

Pros of Raw Meat to Your German Shepherd

  • Helps indigestion
  • Fresh pant
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduced allergic reaction
  • A healthy liver
  • A glowing and healthy coat
  • Help in bone flexibility in older dogs
  • Helps the dog to be more active
  • Lowers the risk of obesity
  • Increases their lifespan
  • Helps in hydrating their bodies

Health Complications of Raw Meat to German Shepherds

Your GSD Will Have Inadequate Nutrients

If you feed your GSD plain raw meat, he will not have eaten a balanced diet. You should mix raw meat with other food, either homemade or commercial. It is difficult for your dog to digest raw meat and absorb all the calcium and phosphorous in it.

Increase the Risk of Food Poisoning

If you feed your German shepherd raw meat either intermittently or habitually, he is still at a higher risk of food poisoning. Though he can digest raw meat, he cannot fight the bacteria found in it.

Spread of Food Poisoning To Your Family

If your dog’s mouth contains bacteria after feeding on raw meat, he is likely to spread them to your family. This will mostly happen if you have little ones whose faces and hands are regularly licked by your dog.

Likely to be chocked

If you feed your GSD meat which is on the bone, it can easily split into smaller pieces. This can make your GSD choke and cause injuries or even death.


This includes the tapeworm, roundworms, and Lukeworms. They are mostly found in the small intestines and, in rare cases, the muscles. These parasites can lead to diseases such as trichinosis and toxoplasmosis.

Are all types of Meat Safe for my GSD?

Yes, you can feed all types of meat to your GSD so long you can eat it yourself. Do not feed him the meat that you can’t serve to your family. Check out for expiry dates in canned meat before serving your dog.

Recommended Quantity per Day

The body size of your dog determines the amount of raw meat he will consume per day. The quantity of meals should be 3% of his weight in food.

If you are feeding him entirely on raw meat, it should be once per day. This will give your dog time to digest and absorb nutrients from the meat and avoid digestion problems.

Factors to Consider Before Feeding Your GSD Raw Meat


If you feed raw meat to puppies, they will not have enough nutrients required for their growth. You should mix it with other food or adhere to feeding guidelines given by your vet.


It’s not recommendable to feed raw meat to a GSD suffering from cancer as this will worsen the condition. Stick the food commended by your vet

Digestive Problems

If you had noticed or you know that your GSD has a digestive problem, do not serve him raw meat.

Liver and Kidney Issues

If your GSD has liver or kidney disease, avoid feeding him raw meat. This is mostly if he is in the last stage of either disease.

Ways of Reducing Risks Associated Raw Meat Diet

  • Wash the meat and rinse with clean water.
  • Make sure the meat is from a certified supplier and check if it has any odor.
  • Chop the meat and bones into smaller pieces to avoid choking.
  • Avoid feeding your GSD canned meat, give him fresh meat with no preservatives in it.
  • Freeze your meat around 14-21 days before feeding it to your GSD. This will lessen the likelihoods of survival by some parasites.
  • it’s advisable to do an At-Home Allergy Test before introducing a new type of meat to your German shepherd.


Raw meat is safe for GSDS but should be supplemented with other foods to make them nutritious. Check for any allergy signs before introducing raw meat to your GSD. Cut the pieces of meat into lesser portions to avoid choking. You should also feed raw meat to your GSD in moderation.

If you want to be sure that the meat you are about to serve to your GSD is safe for him, just assume that you are feeding your family member.

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