How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Has Fleas?

How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Has Fleas?

Fleas are a nuisance to a German shepherd and to the owner too. They make your dog’s life miserable and your house inhabitable. The best way to have them under control is by dealing with them before they can spread from your German shepherd to the rest of the compound and other pets. But, how do you know if your German shepherd has fleas?

You can know that your German shepherd has fleas if he is excessively scratching his skin, has inflamed red skin, has bald spots, and the presence of flea eggs on his beddings. Other methods you can use are checking if there is flea dirt on the skin, using a flea comb or a light trap.

How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Has Fleas?  

Excessive Scratching Of the Skin

The most notable sign of flea infestation to your German shepherd is excessive scratching and itchy skin. He will keep on scratching and at times you will notice he will quickly bite his skin because of a bite from the fleas.

Flea Dirt

By checking your German shepherd skin, you can notice the flea dirt, they look like tinny black specks. They are formed when the fleas excrete.

You can differentiate dirt flea from ordinary dirt by using a white paper towel to gather the dirt. Sprinkle water on the paper towel and if the dirt turns reddish-brown, that is an indication of flea dirt.

Inflamed and Red Skin

If your German shepherd has fleas, his skin will appear reddish and inflamed. However, this might not be a very accurate way of determining if your German shepherd is invaded by fleas because it can be reddish and inflamed because of bites from other insects.

Bald Spots

Hair loss mostly occurs when your German shepherd continuously bites and scratches his skin due to flea infestation. Excessive hair loss leads to bald spots.

Use Flea Comb

Pass a flea comb through the German shepherd’s hair, if there are fleas on it they will come out with the comb. Put them in a bowl with soapy water to suffocate them to death.

Use A Light Trap

A light trap will help to detect if your German shepherd has fleas. This is done by placing the light trap near your dog’s Kennel at night, the fleas will be attracted to the light and will fall to the trap.

Watch for Flea Eggs

You can check for flea eggs in your German shepherd beddings. The flea eggs are tiny white ovals and you can easily identify them.

You Can See Live Fleas or Have Flea Bites

When you see a flea on the dog’s hair or your clothes after spending your time with your pooch that is a clear indication that he has fleas. If you see a single flea, it is a sign that there are more.

Also, if you notice some bite marks on your skin, it can be a sign of flea infestation.

How to Get Fleas Off A German Shepherd

Treating Your German Shepherd

The main rule while treating your German shepherd of flea infestation, is you must kill the fleas and prevent them from invading him again.

There are many flea treatment medicines available in the local stores but they should not be used without the advice of your vet. Your vet will recommend the best flea treatment to kill and prevent fleas.

Treat Other Pets

If you have other pets, it will be advisable to treat them too. This will prevent them from spreading the fleas again to your German shepherd.

Again, consult your vet for the best flea treatment method.

Treat Your Home

You cannot overlook the need for treating your home after your GSD and other pets because the fleas will find their way back to them.

Use a method that will kill both the fleas and the larvae, it is advisable to use a flea remover chemical that has boric acid.

You should avoid using very harsh chemicals that can adversely affect you and your pets.

Wash His Beddings

Wash the beddings of your German shepherd regularly using hot water and soap to kill all the fleas. Do not forget to treat and wash his kennel too.

Keep Your German Shepherd Away From Pets and Places Invaded by Fleas

If you noticed that your German shepherd got the fleas from a certain place like a dog’s daycare, it is advisable to keep him off the place.

You might be aware that some dogs that interact with your German shepherd have a flea infestation, you should keep your dog away from them until they are treated.


There are many ways to know if your German shepherd has fleas, some signs are obvious while others need keen observation. You should treat your German shepherd immediately if you know he has flea infestation to avoid future problems like hair loss and diseases.

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