What Size Collar for German Shepherd Puppy (2024 review)

There is no size that fits all necks when it comes to collars for German Shepherd puppies. As a pet owner, you have to correctly measure your little furry friend’s neck first before buying a puppy collar. Your puppy’s neck will fall under a certain size category for collars. Whichever size, the collar should be comfortable for your puppy.

Fortunately, most collar brands have a size chart that guides pet owners on the size of the collar for their puppy. Puppy collars come in many sizes, some even up to five sizes. Sometimes, you might need to size up or size down for your puppy’s collar, depending on the manufacturer. This review recommends fitting collars for German Shepherd puppies.

If your puppy is 8-weeks old, check this list of recommended collars.


What Size Collar for German Shepherd Puppy

Breathable Puppy Collars

Made of high-density polyester, this breathable puppy collar is comfortable for your puppy. It has a color with different prints. The collar is stylish because of its high-quality material. It is perfect for daily walks, training, and indoor wear. Your puppy will truly be outstanding wearing this collar.

It has a quick-release buckle that is made of metal and plastic. The buckle is an easy one-hand operation, making it convenient. This collar does not weigh down your puppy because it features lightweight.


  • It is made of high-density polyester
  • It has colorful prints
  • One can choose from different patterns
  • The buckle is easily loosed


  • The tag ring can only be placed next to the buckle of the collar

Joytale Reflective Dog Collar

If you are looking for a budget puppy collar, we recommend the Joytale Reflective Dog Collar. This collar is made of nylon, padded with neoprene rubber. It is soft, flexible, and durable. This collar dries fast when your puppy gets it wet. The collar is reflective to ensure you can find your playful puppy at night. The visibility also keeps your pup safe.

You cannot go wrong with sizing when it comes to this collar. It gives you options of five different sizes to choose from. The collar has a separate loop for you to add your puppy’s name tag or to put on a leash for training or walking. The plastic buckle is shaped to give your puppy comfort.


  • It is a budget puppy collar
  • The collar is reflective
  • It has 5 different sizing options
  • Has a loop for a leash or name tag


  • The collar needs a wash to get rid of a smell

YUDOTE Dog Collar

If your puppy has sensitive skin, this collar is a great option for them. It is cotton-like twilled webbing that is super soft on your puppy’s skin. The material is so lightweight that your puppy won’t feel it. The edges of this collar are not hard. The edges do not irritate your puppy’s neck even when the puppy has the collar on for long.

The collar has a simple design that is suitable for everyday wear. The collar can withstand any weather. The collar has an adjustable clip that releases the buckle quickly without struggle.


  • It is good for sensitive skin
  • The material is soft
  • It has soft edges
  • The clip is adjustable


  • The collar stretches easily

Bow Tie Dog Collar and Leash

This is a classic and complete design. It comes with a classic bowtie collar, a stylish bandana collar, and a 59- inch quality leash. They are all made from quality PU leather material. The material is skin-friendly for a puppy with sensitive skin. The leash makes it easy to control your puppy when they get naughty.

If you are looking for a collar that will make your puppy look adorable, you will not go wrong with this choice. If you are looking for a puppy gift, this is a good one. The D ring has a little bell that makes a crisp sound when your puppy walks. The bell is good for tracing your playful puppy and is removable if you do not need it.


  • It is a classic design
  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • It is a complete design with a stylish bandana, a bowtie, and a leash
  • The D ring has a little cute bell


  • The bell can be annoying when the puppy is too active

12 PCS Puppy Collars

This is a value pack for puppy collars. The 12 piece collars are made of high-density, silky soft nylon. Your puppy can play freely and comfortably in the collar. The collar sizes are adjustable subject to your puppy’s neck size. The collars have a buckle that keeps the collar on your puppy’s neck and also gives a quick release.

The collars have cute bone-shaped ID tags that match the color of the collar. If you are a pet breeder, this is a great option for you because the collars come with a record system. These collars are convenient for tracking your liter.


  • The collars are made from silky soft nylon
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Have bone shaped tags
  • Have a record system


  • Made for large puppies

What to Consider when Buying Collar for German Shepherd Puppy


A good puppy collar should be made with soft materials. Puppies with sensitive skin react to collars and they need skin-friendly collars.


It is best to buy the collar that makes the most out of the money you spend. If you are on a budget, there are perfectly affordable collars with great features.


Brands have come up with special features that make their collars stand out. Depending on what entices you, the best collar is one that makes your pup outstanding.


The size of your puppy’s collar is determined by their neck. Before buying a collar for your puppy, measure the circumference of their neck using a tape measure. Depending on their size, get a collar that fits.

Most collars have the size indicated and some come in size options to choose from. Our best budget collar for a German Shepherd puppy is Joytale Reflective Dog Collar. This collar is a good deal for an affordable price.

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