Why Is My German Shepherd So Hyper?

Why Is My German Shepherd So Hyper?

German shepherds were bred to be herders, this means they are very active dogs. They have so much energy in them and they never seem to get tired, this can be entertaining and annoying at the same time.

A German shepherd can be hyper because of lack of adequate exercise, seeking attention, lack of training, separation anxiety, wrong feeding, or because you encouraged the behavior.

Read on to know why your German shepherd is so hyper and how you can deal with it.


Reasons Why Your German Shepherd Is Hyper

Seeking Attention

 It’s also possible that it’s seeking attention, which would explain its hyperactivity. If you don’t pay attention to your German Shepherd throughout the day but do when it is hyper, he will have learned that behaving in this manner will get you to pay attention, and it will.

If you believe this is the case, you could try ignoring it when it tries to attract your attention by behaving hyper, and then rewarding it with your attention when it behaves nicely.

Lack Of Exercise

German Shepherds were developed to perform demanding activities for long periods daily. This implies they require a lot of exercises to be adequately stimulated, and if they do not get enough exercise, they may become hyperactive.

If you believe your German Shepherd isn’t receiving enough exercise, one of the first things you should do is make sure it is.

It may seem unusual to give your German Shepherd extra exercise, but it can make a major difference in its demeanor.

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You Encouraged It

You may have been unintentionally encouraging the behavior by giving it what it wants, such as food or attention, to soothe it down. If you can, ignore it when it’s being hyper and then reward it when it’s being well behaved.

Wrong Feeding

Dog owners are known to be too kind with their puppies, even sharing food with them. Certain foods, on the other hand, may cause them to become hyperactive.

Apart from creating hyperactivity, several of these items, such as chocolate, can cause disease or death in pups.

Consult your veterinarian if you’re unsure about what to feed and what not to give your German Shepherd puppy.

 Lack of Training

If a German Shepherd puppy is not properly trained, she may become hyperactive.

This is due to the fact that they are unable to comprehend directives and instead act in accordance with their own desires.

Regular training is therefore necessary to instill discipline in your GSD puppy from an early age.

This will assist your puppy in distinguishing between playing and when it is time to listen.

Separation Anxiety

When their owners depart for work trips or vacations without them, German Shepherd puppies frequently experience separation anxiety.

This can even happen if the owner merely goes to work for the day.

They can be destructive or pee in the house while you are away to express themselves. Here are some ideas to keep your German Shepherd entertained while you’re at work.

How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Being Hyper

Give plenty of Exercises

Walking alone will not be enough to keep extra energy at bay in German Shepherds, as they have more energy than most other breeds.

Playing games like fetch, going for walks, strolling in hilly regions, and teaching your puppy to swim are all good methods to tire your puppy out and keep him from becoming hyperactive. Consider hiring a dog walker if you don’t have enough time to exercise your German Shepherd puppy.


It’s crucial not to encourage it to be hyperactive. As a result, you should avoid rewarding it while it is acting hyper. Instead, if you can, try to ignore the hyperactivity and then reward it when it behaves nicely.

Check the Diet

It’s possible that what your puppy consumes is causing their hyperactivity.

Food has a direct impact on a dog’s health and temperament. You may be feeding them food that has harmful substances without realizing it.

Additives, preservatives, and colorants are used in many dog foods. These are completely devoid of any nutritional benefits. These, if anything, exacerbate hyperactivity.

Stay Calm

It all starts with you if you want your German Shepherd puppy to be less hyperactive.

Puppies can sense the amount of energy you put out. If you get enthusiastic in front of them, they will imitate you by racing around or barking loudly.

They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. In fact, by emulating you, the pack leader, a puppy will believe it is doing a fantastic job. As a result, you must set a good example for your puppy by acting appropriately.


Many reasons can contribute to your German shepherd being hyper. On the other hand, there are also many ways of calming your dog depending on the main cause of him being hyper. If you have tried all the above ways in calming your German shepherd and no desired results are achieved, visit a behaviorist.


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