3 Month Old German Shepherd Puppy- Everything You Need to Know

3 Month Old German Shepherd Puppy

In the world, there are more than 340 breeds of dogs. However, The German Shepherd seems to stand out despite other popular breeds coming up in the last two decades.

They say, ‘Puppies are entrusted to us like precious seeds. We water them with praise, patience, and love, and watch them grow to full bloom!’

Below is detailed yet clear information you need to delight in seeing your 3-month furry baby grow every day!


Size and weight of a 3 Month old German Shepherd Puppy

Just like in any other animal species and humans, the size, weight, and height of a 3-Month old German shepherd is not an exact number. All the same, your pup should fall within a specific range.

German shepherds are usually fairly bigger than the other breeds, but definitely not as massive as you might think!

At this age, the puppy’s weight should range from 16-20 lbs. (7.26 -9.01kg) and 9-11 Inches in height. It is imperative to note that a female puppy is a little smaller and weighs a little less than a male.

Key supplies for a 3 month-old German shepherd puppy

Different breeds of dogs are fed different supplies. Consequently, it is not advisable to buy just any other supplement pack as they may not meet your pup’s nutritional needs. German shepherds are active compared to other dog breeds. This implies that their dietary needs are a little higher too.

In a literally flooded market, meeting the nutritional needs of your adorable 3-month-old German shepherd can be challenging. Consider purchasing puppy food for German Shepherds.

Alternatively, you can purchase food with a minimum of 22% protein. These are body-building foods that are very key for the actively growing three-month-old. The supplies should also have about 8% fats. These will cater to the energy needs of your pooch.

From the preceding discussion, protein is the most important supply for your little one. It is responsible for the formation of skin, strengthening the immune system, building muscles, among others. The second most vital supply is fat which is responsible for developing tissues and the general body development.

For optimum growth and health, one must ensure that the nutrients are mixed in their right proportions.

The temperament of a 3-Month old German shepherd

Temperaments are different from personality. While personality is the pup’s overall behavior, temperament refers to the individual behavior that is biologically based. It results from the pup’s DNA and the influence of the environment.

The three major temperaments of the pooch at this age are drives, thresholds, and nerves. Nerves are the ordinary capability to adjust to a given situation. Your adorable pet may be strong-nerved or weak-nerved. Strong-nerved puppies adapt to a new environment pretty easily, while the weak nerved show fear and aggression.

Drives are the intuitive motivations behind behavior. Pups with high drive will have a stronger desire to perform a particular task than those with weaker drive.

It is imperative to note that memories and environment can influence temperament.

How much should I feed my 3-Month old German shepherd?  

After knowing what to feed to your 3-month pooch, the other question is how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy. This is very vital as overfeeding may result in joint disorders. Too rapid weight gain in puppies also causes health problems.

Many pooch owners try to approximate the amount of food they should give to the puppy. Apparently, the right amount of it may look too small and not sufficient for him. For this reason, they end up overfeeding him.

Quick note: Do not feed your pup human food. While some foods like carrot, rice, and peanut may be safe, others like table scraps and onions may be poisonous or fatal to your dog.

3-month-old German shepherd collar

In as much as most puppy owners prefer to use a harness, a dog collar is a popular alternative that dog owners can use to control their three-month-old German Shepherd. You can use the collar when walking him outdoors or during obedience training. You should add your pooch’s name and your contact details on the collar just in case he wanders off your sight so that he can be quickly identified.  

What size collar for a German shepherd puppy, you may ask? There is no one size fits all shock collar for the three-month-olds. Different pups have different neck circumferences. Consider measuring the circumference of the neck before purchase.

It is imperative to make certain that the collar is not too tight to press his neck. This is absolutely uncomfortable. On the other hand, the collar should not be too loose else it will not serve its purpose.

After getting the measurement, add about 1.5 inches to the measurement. For instance, let’s say the circumference is 12.5 Inches, purchase a collar that is about 14 inches. A collar that is the same size as the little one’s neck is very uncomfortable as it rubs his neck.

You can also consider sliding in two fingers between the tape measure and the puppy’s neck. You do not have to add 1.5 inches when the measurement is taken that way.

Another probably easier alternative is to send the measurement to a reliable manufacturer to get you the right size.

However, the neck circumference of a three-month-old German shepherd ranges from 11 to 14 Inches. This implies that the collar you purchase is within the dimensions.

Training a 3-month-old German Shepherd Puppy

3-month old! Yes, you heard me right. These cute little ones are easy to train. German shepherds are brighter than other dog breeds. Apparently, training can begin as early as seven weeks. However, the training session should be kept short and interesting. It is important not to put too much pressure on him, demanding perfect obedience.

At three months, teach the puppy basic commands like sit, stand, and come. He can also be taught manners, for example, not to bark excessively. This behavior is very common in German shepherds at this age.

Another important training at this point is potty training. Be attentive to your pooch’s signals. This way, you will eliminate the chances of frustrating him, making the process slower. Dog diapers may also be an option for you.

To discipline the little one, use positive reinforcement. He should not be punished physically. Always remember that your young girl or guy truly longs to please you.

How much should a 3-Month old German shepherd puppy sleep?

Like a human baby, a German shepherd is actively developing at three months. Lack of sleep at this point in life may not only cause him to be sluggish all day but it can also cause health problems or, worse, disabilities.

At this stage, the puppy should sleep for 15 hours. To achieve this, encourage your little one to sleep at a particular time every day. Taking naps in the day, say after lunch, is also very important for his development. The most important factor to achieving this is maintaining the daily routine.

When it is about time to sleep, a quiet environment and a cozy dog bed are key.

3-Month old German shepherd bed and crate

Most pooch owners have a dilemma about moving their little one from the crate to the bed. If he is not yet potty trained, you can let him sleep in the crate. You can buy a crate online or at the local store.

German shepherd puppies poop anywhere away from where they are sleeping before training. In a crate, the space is limited. Thus, he will not have a lot of room to roam. This makes potty training faster and easier. Once he is potty trained and is not very destructive, you can move the pup to a bed.

As prior mentioned, ‘when it is time to sleep, a quiet environment and a cozy bed are key.’

You have probably considered, researched, or even bought your bed before. Remember the considerations you made? Well, those are the same considerations that you should make when purchasing a bed for your little one.

The bed should not only look good. It should be designed with expertise to support the puppies’ joints, be comfy and waterproof. This will not only make the pup comfortable but also prolong her life.

Certainly, just like the bed, the crate should be equally comfortable.

How long can a 3-Month old German shepherd hold its bladder?

A 3-month-old German shepherd can hold her bladder for up to 4 hours. This is usually calculated as his age in months, plus one.

If your pup is holding his bladder for just a short time, consider consulting a vet. He might be having a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

How long should you walk a 3-month-old German shepherd puppy?

Your 3-month pooch should walk no more than 15 minutes per session. This should be done a maximum of two times a day. To calculate how many minutes your pup should walk, take each month to represent 5 minutes. The implication is that if you have a three-month-old, then this will sum up to 15 minutes of exercise. This is known as the rule of thumb.

It is imperative to stop the walk immediately if your little companion does not want to walk. German shepherd dogs rarely walk slowly. You should train him to walk on a leash.

3 Interesting facts about 3-Month old German shepherd puppy

  • Their sense of smell is almost 100,000 times better than that of humans. The puppies thus literally explore everything with their noses.
  • Their love is special. They just want to spend more and more time with you.
  • They are very intelligent. Their thinking capabilities are fully developed as early as seven weeks.

Final verdict   

A German shepherd at three months is now grown. No longer the tiny fluff ball it was one month ago. He is very mouthy at this stage and chews almost everything he comes across. This is why training is critical. These juvenile delinquents grow into mature, well-behaved adults with little patience. The pups are also interesting, incomparable companions.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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