4 Best Dog Diapers for German Shepherds/Large Dogs to Buy in April 2024

Best Dog Diapers for German Shepherds

If you have a female German Shepherd, then you understand why dog diapers are hardy supplies that you need to have around. When your female German shepherd is in her heat cycle, dog diapers can help keep the house clean, while preventing your dog from constantly licking her privates.

You can also use diapers in dogs with urine and poop incontinence, which can help reduce the mess in your house. These diapers help hold the poop in place, without worrying that your dog will create a mess when least expected.

Dog diapers come in various forms like disposable, washable or DIY dog diapers. These diapers perform the same function but differ in the method of using and affordability. In this article, we review the best dog diapers for German Shepherds that you can buy


Best Dog Diapers For German Shepherds Review- Top Picks

Vet’s Best Disposable Female Dog Diapers

This is a comfy disposable female diaper that is available in sizes large and extra-large, the waist size is 23.5 to 31.5 inch.

Vests Best Disposable dog diapers ensures your pooch is clean while travelling, during heat cycles, or if she has urinary incontinence.

This diaper feature a wetness indicator, you will not have to keep on checking if she is wet. This guarantees that your dog will not be uncomfortable in overly wet diapers.

It is made with a fur-safe fastener that can be adjusted to for a snug fit. It is made with leak barrier so you dot have to worry that she will spoil other things she might sit on.

The waist is flexible so your dog will move with ease.

The tail hole is made to fit all types of tails.


  • Locks moisture inside.
  • Available in a number of sizes.
  • Adjustable fasteners.
  • Has a wetness indicator.
  • Convenient tail hole.


  • It is not recyclable.

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

This are female washable diapers best for extra-large dogs. The waist is 25” to 35”.

Each pack contains three disposable diapers in 3 colors. These diapers are environmental friendly and economical as compared to disposal ones.

They are easy to wrap dogs. They are best for dogs with urine incontinence and excitement urination.

They are soft to enhance comfortability. The closure is simple and secure and does not stick to the fur. They lock moisture inside and the outer layer is water proof preventing leaks on your furniture and carpets.

It is made with quality fabrics, this makes it withstand daily washing without tearing.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • Economical.
  • Fur-safe fastening.
  • Soft.
  • Water proof outer layer.


  • Customers complain of incorrect sizing.

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers for Female Dogs

This female diapers are made for extra-large dogs weighing from 50-90 pounds. The waist measures 18-23 inches.

They are made with stretchable materials for a snug fit. The fasteners are fur-safe and cannot stick on it while wrapping the diaper.  This makes removing and wrapping the diaper easy and quick.

They are best when training, heat cycles, excitement urination, or travelling.

They are leak proof and prevent messes on the carpets and furniture.

The tail hole is made to fit different types and sizes of tails.


  • Fur-safe fastening.
  • Stretchable material.
  • Leak free.
  • Soft fabric.


  • Customers complain of incorrect sizing.
  • Cause rashes to some dogs.

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers Male & Female Dog Diapers

These Pet Parents washable diapers are best for either female and male dogs. You can use this diaper for extra large dogs with the waist measuring 26 to 35 inches.

Each package has 3 washable diapers in different three colors. They are economical because you will not have to buy dog diaper regularly. They are environmental friendly because they recyclable.

Best for untrained dogs, heat cycles, excitement urination, and incontinence.

They feature a Velcro closure that won’t stick to the fur and is easy to use.

They do not have the crinkly texture making them comfy and dog friendly.

These diapers lock moisture inside and have a waterproof outer layer. You don’t have to worry about spoiled chairs, carpets, or stopping on the roads when travelling.

The pads are durable and can be washed on daily basis without tearing apart.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • Economical.
  • Velcro closure that are easy to close and open.
  • Soft and stretchable.


  • Incorrect sizing.
  • Leaks.

Reasons to Use Dog Diapers

Urinary incontinence

Urine incontinence is caused by diseases in the urinary track like bacterial infections or diabetes. This problem can affect even the most trained dogs. If your dog has this problem, you should go for a health checkup; the problem can be treated using some medication.


When a dog gets old, it gets hard to control the urine and poop. An old dog will forget every training he knew before. There are some medications that help manage the condition but you will still have to use dog diapers.

Female Dogs on Heat

When a female German shepherd is on heat, she will have some discharge. The diapers will help to keep her clean and preventing licking. A diaper will not help to keep off male dogs so it should not be considered as a contraceptive; a male dog can easily rip it off.


Is it bad for dogs to wear diapers?

A dog diaper helps in many occasions like when he is ill or travelling. They should be changed just like baby diapers. If a dog wears a diaper for too long without changing, it can lead to skin rashes or infections.

Do dog diapers cause UTI?

Dog diapers do not cause UTI in dogs. However, when the urinary tract is exposed to urine for long, it can cause an UTI.

How do you train a dog to use a diaper?

You should have healthy treats when training your dog to use a diaper, as a way of encouraging him to wear them. You should stay close to him to prevent him from removing it and observe if they are making him uncomfortable.

What is a DIY diaper?

A DIY diaper is made by advancing an infant diaper to fit your dog. A hole is made on the baby diaper to fit the tail. The size of your dog will decide whether you will improvise a baby or adult diaper.


With the help of dog diapers, you can relax indoors or travel with your German shepherd without worries. Remember to buy dog diapers with the correct sizing and material for your pooch’s comfortability.

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