4 Best Probiotic for German Shepherd in 2023– Recommended Picks

Best Probiotic for German Shepherd

Dogs are bound to eat anything they come across, which can lead to unbalanced gut bacteria. When the good bacteria are surpassed by the bad bacteria, there will be a disruption of the normal digestion process leading to diarrhea or a loose stool.

Probiotics help ensure there is a balance between the bad and the good bacteria. Probiotics are available in different forms and are also beneficial to dogs with allergies and joint and hip problems.

Brand Name Rating Price
Purina FortiFlora Probiotics Editor’s Pick Check Price
NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics Best Budget Check Price

Best Probiotic for German Shepherd Reviews: Top Picks

Purina FortiFlora Probiotics

Purina FortiFlora Probiotics are easy to use as they are pre-measured in smaller packets for a daily dose.

It is easy to administer to your dog, and you only have to sprinkle it on the dog’s food. It is odorless and tasteless and your dog will hardly notice it.

The big pack has 30 satchels of the dose to help you keep a track record of usage.

It helps in reducing flatulence. It has antioxidants and boosts immunity.  

The proprietary microencapsulation process ensures that the microorganisms survive until they reach the digestive tract.

However, it is pricey compared to other probiotics available on the market.


  • Tasteless and odorless.
  • Have pre-measured sachets.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Reduce flatulence.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Expensive
  • Does not contain prebiotics.

NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics

NUSENTIA probiotics are affordable and come in a large pack that can be used for up to eight months. It is multipurpose as it can be served to both dogs and cats.

This probiotic has 360 scoops per jar with each scoop delivering a billion CFU. The number of scoops you can give your dog depends on your dog’s weight.

It helps to stop diarrhea, loose stool, bad breath, constipation, allergies, and any other digestive problem. This product is made with high-quality products, and there are no flavors, colors, or by-products. It is also grain and gluten-free.

Feeding your dog Nusentia probiotic Miracle dog probiotics is easy since this food is odorless and the dog can hardly notice any smell.


  • Affordable.
  • No added flavors or colors.
  • Odorless and easy to feed.
  • Shelf-stable.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Best for both cats and dogs.


  • Take time to show results.
  • Can get lumpy.
  • Some pets get stomach upset after consuming it.

Premium Care Probiotics for Dogs 

Premium care probiotics are packed with 120 chews and each contains 2 billion CFUs. They are chewable, tasty, and easy to digest.

The Premium Care probiotics help the digestive to easily absorb nutrients. They are made of natural ingredients with no added preservatives and colors. It adds valuable bacteria to the immune system and helps in nourishing the brain.

This probiotic also helps to maintain a good gut PH.

They are appropriate for dogs of all sizes. They are chicken flavored, and the chicken aroma is alluring to make your dog ask for more every time.


  • Tasty and easy to crush and swallow.
  • Maintains the gut Ph.
  • No added preservatives or sugars.


  • Does not have a number of flavors.

Native Pet Probiotic for Dogs

These probiotics are made with natural ingredients that help to stop diarrhea, gassing, and any other stomach upset problem. It improves the intestinal and immune systems. It is beneficial when introducing a new type of food.

It is super tasty and nutritious. For dogs with acute and chronic diarrhea, Native pet probiotics will come to their rescue.

It contains only four ingredients i.e. Probiotic blend, Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkin seed powder, and beef bone broth.

It does not contain fillers and preservatives.


  • Two years shelf life.
  • Tasty and nutritious.
  • No added preservatives.
  • Quality ingredients.


  • Not for all dogs as it contains insulin.

What to Consider When Buying Probiotics for German Shepherd Dogs

Ease of use

Probiotics come in different forms like powder, tablets, chews, and sprays. Powdered probiotics are easy to mix with food than tablets, which have to be taken directly. There are also different flavors so you pick the one that your dog likes most.

Premeasured probiotics are better compared to the others where you have to measure every feeding time.

Storage and Expiry Date

You should read the storage instructions because probiotics are sensitive to air, moisture, and temperatures. They are made of live organisms that must be kept properly to keep them alive.

Probiotics organisms will only be alive for a certain duration and after that, they will no longer be effective. Always check the expiry date.

The level of CFUs

There are many categories of probiotics in the stores with varying levels of CFUs. If you buy a probiotic with fewer CFUs, you will not get the results you sought for. Consult your vet to know the amount of CFU required by your dog.

Buy Quality Probiotics

The FDA does not check probiotics as they do for drugs, which opens avenues for manufacturers to put misleading labels on the products. You should do thorough research on the brand and consult your vet for referrals.

FAQs about Prebiotics for German Shepherds

Can Dogs Take Human Probiotics?

Many human probiotics do not have harmful side effects on your dog. They still might not offer any health benefit to your dog because the bacteria required in a human body differs from that one of a dog. In rare cases, human probiotics contain ingredients that can be toxic to dogs.

Can Puppies Take Probiotics?

Puppies can take probiotics but should be in the right quantities as indicated on the labels.

Is Yoghurt A Good Probiotics For Dogs?

Yogurt that is sweetener-free is safe for dogs, it contains bacteria that help digestion. However, too much consumption of dairy can lead to stomach upset. Feed two to three spoons of yogurt a day as per the size of your dog.

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