5 Best Vitamins for German Shepherd Puppies to Buy in 2022– Reviews

Good quality dog food is not all a puppy requires to be healthy and have good development. They also need supplements such as vitamins and minerals to help with growth. In this article, we evaluate vitamins that puppies need for their development.

German shepherds need vitamin supplements for their joints, bone, skin, and heart development. You can give your pup vitamins as treats or with puppy food. Whichever method you prefer, your puppy has to like the taste to eat them.

The best vitamin for German shepherd puppies is Health Extension Lifetime Vitamins For Puppies. If you have a picky puppy, try these. They are packed with beneficial vitamins and ingredients and have a unique beef taste that puppies can’t resist. They are affordable with high benefits for a German shepherd puppy.

Best Vitamins for German Shepherd Puppies

Healthy Breeds Puppy Multivitamin

The Healthy Breeds multivitamins have a tasty liver flavor that puppies like, which makes them easy to administer. They can be taken daily as a supplement with food. They have the most needed vitamins for the development of the German shepherd puppy.

The Healthy Breeds multivitamin is formulated by veterinarians who know the needs of a puppy. The nutrients help your puppy develop strong joints and teeth. These multivitamins are recommended for puppies under one year.


  • They have a unique liver flavor
  • They are easy to administer
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • Can be used daily


  • They are hard to break for small puppies

PetHonesty 10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin with Glucosamine

If you want your puppy to get the most from one vitamin package, try out the PetHonesty 10 in 1 dog vitamins. They contain omegas, probiotics, glucosamine, and vitamins, all in one package. They are great for joint development. Your puppy will grow to be more flexible and have stronger joints with these vitamins.

If your German shepherd puppy has digestion issues, the probiotics in this multivitamin help with digestion and stomach issues. Your puppy will no longer have diarrhea or indigestion. The oils in the vitamins are great for the puppy’s skin coat. The antioxidants are great for a good immune system and a healthy heart. They are soft and chewy, which works great for a puppy.

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  • They have many benefits in one package
  • Great for joints, skin, and immune system
  • They solve digestion issues
  • They are soft and chewy


  • They have palm fruit oil

PetStrips Multi-Vitamin for Puppies

If your puppy has problems swallowing vitamin tablets, PetStrips Multi-Vitamin for puppies is a better option for them. It does not need to be crushed or forced down your puppy’s throat. The vitamin strips are easy to administer for puppies.

The ingredients in the strips are formulated for the development of your German shepherd puppy.

The strips are absorbed faster than normal tab vitamins because they do not go through digestion. The effectiveness of the vitamins is not lost through the digestion process


  • They are easy for the puppy to take
  • They are easily absorbed
  • They do not require digestion


  • They can not be administered with food

Multifunctional Supplements for Dogs

The Multifunctional Supplements for dogs is an Amazon bestseller for puppy vitamins.

This 8-in –one formula for your German shepherd puppy is great for the development of joints, immune system, skin, liver, and overall health. It is suitable for all breeds. The vitamins improve the gut health of your dog.

If your puppy has sensitive skin, these supplements have cod liver fish oil and vitamin E for the health of your dog’s skin. They maintain moisture for your dog’s coat. The glucosamine in the supplements helps with the development and functioning of your puppy’s joints.

For enhanced cardiovascular function, you can trust these supplements. They contain everything a puppy would need for all-round development.


  • It helps with sensitive skin
  • Great flavor for puppies
  • It is an all-round supplement for development
  • Enhances puppy’s functioning


  • You have to feed a few times a day to see results

Health Extension Lifetime Vitamins For Puppies

Health Extension Lifetime Vitamins are affordable vitamins, and they have a tasty beef taste that dogs love. If your puppy is picky, try these vitamins out. They contain ten minerals and eight vitamins that are essential for German Shepherd puppy development.

These affordable vitamins work great for a pup that has food sensitivities. They also contain colostrum and blue algae that is good for the immune system of the puppy. They improve the digestive system, skin, and overall health of your German Shepherd.


  • These are affordable
  • They have 8 essential vitamins and 10 minerals
  • They have great flavor
  • Good for a picky dog


  • Puppy can overeat them as treats

What to Consider when Buying Vitamins for German Shepherd Puppies


Understand what flavor your puppy likes first before buying supplements. To encourage your puppy to take the vitamins, they need to like the taste of what you give them.


Prioritize what your puppy needs the most in the vitamins. If your vet recommends more minerals, buy the supplements that contain minerals. If your puppy has digestion issues, buy supplements with digestion benefits.


Puppies are sensitive to what they take. Read carefully the ingredients used in the vitamins before buying them. Avoid ingredients that are harsh for your puppy or those that might cause allergies.

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The German shepherd puppy needs vitamins for growth and proper development. Vitamin supplements play an important role in facilitating growth. They also help with skin issues, digestion problems and boost the overall immunity of the puppy. Some of the vitamins taste as good as treats.

If you are looking for vitamins with many added benefits, Multifunctional Supplements for Dogs is a good package for your puppy. The 8-in-1 formula takes care of your puppy’s skin, digestion, heart, joint and overall development in one bite. It is also good for pups with sensitive skin and is a value pack for your money.

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