How Long Can a Dog Wear a Diaper?

Pet parents know that dog diapers are the best supplies you have when a female dog is on her heat cycle. Diapers have your back when your dog has poop incontinence or urine incontinence. Sometimes, a pet parent might also decide to use diapers when training a puppy. Senior dogs need diapers when they are unwell or when they are unable to control their body function.

A dog can wear a diaper for a few hours before it gets full or wet. Similar to babies, it is not okay for your dog to have their diaper on for too long, especially if they have soiled it. This makes them uncomfortable and could cause rashes, inflammation, or even bacterial infection for your dog. When your dog has a diaper on, it is good to check whether it’s soiled, so that you can change them.

Types of dog diapers

Dog diapers come in different types, depending on the making but they have similar functions. There are disposable diapers that you throw away after use. They are convenient to use especially when you are travelling with your dog.

Reusable diapers are cleaned and used again, just like baby reusable diapers. Reusable diapers are great if you are cautious about the environment. The downside of reusable diapers is that they can be gross when handling them, especially when you have to wash them.

Another type of dog diapers is DIY diapers. They are also a fun way to care for your dog on a budget. You can make diapers from old onesies or towels, you can convert baby diapers into dog diapers, or convert pads and underwear into convenient dog diapers.

How To Choose Dog Diapers

For a diaper to fully function, it needs to be the right one. Sizing matters when it comes to dog diapers. Measure your dog’s size around the waist accurately to know the size to buy for disposable dog diapers. If you want to use a DIY diaper, know your dog’s size before making the diaper.

Some of the best dog diapers include;

·         CuteBone Dog Diapers (B07VSS3H2V)

·         Simple Solution True Fit Disposable Dog Diapers (B07GLJTWCT)

·         Vet’S Best Disposable Dog Diapers (B07ZTZVRPN)

Can  My Dog  Wear A Diaper Overnight?

If your dog doesn’t make messes during the night, they shouldn’t have a diaper on overnight. This could cause discomfort for them, especially if they only use diapers during their heat cycle or on rare occasions. Wearing a diaper overnight also increases the chances of having a diaper rash or bacterial infection.

If your dog has problems controlling urine even at night, they can wear a diaper overnight to avoid messes on their beddings. Dogs without bladder control leak every few minutes and it is required that they have a diaper on through the night.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Getting The Diaper Off?

If your dog can’t keep the diaper on, first make sure that the size of the diaper is correct. If the size is right, try out these few tricks to help keep the diaper on your dog;

Use Dog Suspenders

Suspenders keep the diaper on your dog. They are perfect for dogs that are active and playful. For example, if you have a German shepherd in a diaper, you can expect that it might come off because they are very active. Check out some of these diaper suspenders;

·         Pet Soft Dog Suspenders (B09MF2TH17)

·         Paw Inspired The Original Dog Diaper Suspenders (B07LG3JTH2)

·         Mozzie Pants Dog Suspenders (B07JYDL8HM)

Try Kid’s Underwear

Using a size-down kid’s underwear can hold the diaper on your dog. Use a size down your dog’s size to ensure a snug fit for your dog. Also, remember to cut out a hole for your four-legged friend’s tail.

Pros and Cons of Dog Diapers

It is important to be aware of the goods and downsides of any pet supplies as a pet parent.


·         Dog gets the freedom to move around when they have poop or urine incontinence

·         It keeps the house clear of pet messes

·         They are good for puppies during training

·         Diapers promote feminine hygiene for female dogs during the heat cycle


·         They can fall off or your dog can remove them during movements or play.

·         Sometimes it’s tricky to convince a dog to be in a diaper

·         They cost money and time


The frequency of changing your dog’s diaper is like that of changing a baby’s diaper. Bottom line is, your dog should not have a diaper on for too long, this could make them uncomfortable and lead to rashes or infections. While diapers help keep the house clean of messes, your dog should feel comfortable in them, this can be achieved by picking the right size for the diaper and changing it as soon as it’s soiled.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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