Why Does My German Shepherd Go Between My Legs?

Why Does My German Shepherd Go Between My Legs?

Walking can be a hard task especially if your German shepherd keeps on going between your legs, you can trip and fall or step on his feet which can be painful. If this behavior continues you will have to ask yourself why he is doing so.

A German shepherd can go between your legs when he is being protective or greeting you. It can also be that he acquired the behavior from the previous owner, you have encouraged the behavior, or as a show of love.

Read on to understand better the reason why your German shepherd is going between your legs.

Why Does My German Shepherd Go Between My Legs?

They are Being Protective

Due to their protective nature, your German shepherd will go between your legs. Guard dogs, such as German Shepherds, are one of the most popular breeds. As a result, you’ll often find them working as K-9 security in airports and shopping malls.

Your dog, on the other hand, isn’t a working dog. They’ve also never worked as a guard before. So, what makes them walk or sit between your legs in the first place?

Your German Shepherd may be acting this way in response to a potential threat. There’s got to be a bigger dog in the neighborhood. Or a weird individual in the vicinity.

Their instinct tells them to proceed with caution. As a result, they make an effort to keep a tight eye on you to protect you. Their defenses are up in case something goes wrong.

 As A Way Of Greeting You

When you return home, your dog will greet you in different ways.

Some dogs jump on their owners while others circle them as a way of greeting you.

There’s also your German Shepherd, who likes to walk between your legs. He might do it every time you get home from work. Or if you’ve been away on vacation for a long period.

This behavior may appear absurd. But it’s your dog’s way of greeting you and communicating how much he or she has missed you. And now that you’ve returned, they’re overjoyed.

You Have Encouraged the Behavior

When he goes between your legs and you pet or touch it in a certain way that he enjoys, you may be reinforcing the habit. Because your German Shepherd has learned that getting between your legs provides him what he wants he will frequently go between your legs for this reason.

If you want your German Shepherd to stop going between your legs, instead of patting him as he likes, ignore him and only pet him when he is behaving as you desire.

Separation Anxiety

It could be due to separation anxiety that he goes between your legs. This is when your German Shepherd does not appreciate being left alone with you, and it becomes uneasy as a result.

When you’re about to leave, your German Shepherd will most likely go between your legs, indicating that you’re having separation anxiety. Peeing or trashing items while you are away are other indicators.

Lack of confidence

Your German Shepherd is unfamiliar with the presence of other dogs and people in your home. As a result, whenever you have a visitor, they go between your legs

This is a result of lack of confidence on their part. This may be due to a lack of social skills and exposure to other dogs.

This is a typical issue in dogs who are separated from their siblings and birth mother too soon.

They frequently bark and whine. They’re also known to be wary of other dogs.

 An Acquired Behaviour

Because they’ve been trained to do so, your German Shepherd will go between your legs. You or their previous dog parents, whoever comes first. Going in between the legs is a nice trick that dogs are taught. And it’s frequently referred to as ‘Middle.’

Some dog owners teach their German Shepherds to be calm and well-behaved. Especially when they are in high-stress circumstances.

Veterinary clinics and groomers, for example.

The ‘Middle’ trick can also be used to bond and play with your dog as well as a precautionary measure.

Some dog owners, for example, utilize this technique when their canines are crossing a busy street. They also wish to keep their dog safe from oncoming traffic. If your German Shepherd is already accustomed to doing so, you should take advantage of it.

It’s a Show Of Love

Is it common for your German Shepherd to get between your legs? And do they sometimes accompany you on your journey? And don’t forget about their adoring gazes directed at you.

Your dog is likely engaging in this behavior as a game. It’s a means for them to strengthen their bond and connection with you. And it’s a method for them to display their love.

Aside from that, you might discover that your German Shepherd enjoys keeping an eye on the family. They keep an eye on the house. And they are at ease in your presence.

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