8- Week Old German Shepherd- Everything You Need to Know

8- week old German Shepherd

If you just got your 8- week old German shepherd, there are things you need to know to get it right when taking care of them. A puppy demands extra care and attention from a caregiver. This is a vulnerable time where they get used to schedules, new environments, and new people.

Getting informed on how to care for your 8-week old German shepherd makes you knowledgeable on how to take care of your pooch and make the home “homely” for your puppy.


What do I need to buy for my 8- week old German Shepherd?

If you are planning to buy supplies for your puppy, it is best to know everything you should get. Some things are essential for a puppy that age. They include;

What to Feed an 8- Week Old German Shepherd

What you feed your puppy will determine their health and development. Food plays a crucial role in muscle, bone, eye, teeth, and brain development for a German Shepherd. An 8-week old German Shepherd needs special considerations when choosing what to feed them.

Check out the best food for 8 week old German Shepherd.

A German Shepherd puppy should be fed food specially made for large breeds. This is because the food contains high levels of proteins to ensure that your puppy develops fully. To avoid joint problems, make sure that the food is properly balanced.

Additional nutrients such as phosphorus are good for strong teeth. Feed your puppy with food rich in fiber to get a good quality stool.

It is also important for you to identify what your puppy likes. Knowing what they crave should guide you in choosing the best flavor for their food. If your puppy likes the flavor, it encourages them to eat more.

Feeding routine

Creating a feeding routine will get your puppy accustomed to routines easily as they grow up. An 8- week old German Shepherd should be fed 3-4 times a day. Distribute the number of feeds evenly throughout the day.

Another important feeding detail is allowing your puppy to feed within a limited amount of time, for example, you can pour food in their bowl and allow them 15 minutes to feed then take the bowl away. This is to make your puppy conscious of the time they take to eat.

Learn more about how much to feed a German Shepherd.

What to do when bathing an 8- week old German Shepherd

An 8- week old German Shepherd does not need a bath regularly. They rarely get dirty. You should bathe your puppy once in a while when he is really dirty. It is recommended that you rinse your puppy with warm water, once in a while.

When bathing your German Shepherd, you need a puppy shampoo. Do not use an adult dog shampoo because an 8-week old puppy’s skin is soft and more sensitive.

Use a small amount of shampoo and rub it on your puppy, softly, starting from their back. Rinse them off with warm water until there is no shampoo residue. Let the puppy shake off the water, brush them, and their towel up.

When should we visit the vet?

Your puppy’s first visit to the vet should be around 6-8 weeks. The earlier you take your puppy to the vet, the better. The first vet’s visit gets them physically examined to ensure everything is good.

The first visit also gets your puppy started with their vaccines. Vaccines are important for German Shepherd puppies to protect them from diseases.

If you have been to the vet before, take the records for your next visit. This will help the vet to follow up on the history. Visiting the vet also gets your puppy dewormed. The vet also recommends the best flea and tick prevention methods and other essentials for the good health of your dog.

Grooming an 8- week old German Shepherd

Grooming an 8- week old is easy because puppies are receptive to new things. To groom a puppy, you need supplies such as a collar, a harness, a brush, nail clippers among others. Establish a specific time to groom your puppy. Be gentle and playful when grooming them so that they may get excited about this routine.

When choosing your puppy’s collar, take note of the material. It should be soft, flexible, stylish, and adjustable for the comfort of your puppy. The collar should also have your details on it for safety purposes.

Training an 8- week old German Shepherd puppy

At this age, potty training is most essential. Having a consistent schedule on when to take your puppy out for a bathroom break is important. Puppies need these breaks regularly because they cannot hold much.

Your puppy will require a lot of patience from you before they learn to take care of their potty breaks.

How long does an 8- week old German Shepherd sleep?

An 8- week old German Shepherd sleeps for up to 18 hours. How long a German Shepherd puppy sleeps reduces as they grow older.

All a small puppy does is sleep, eat, and get used to a new schedule. Let your puppy be. Allow them to sleep so that they can get energy and grow.

Bonding with an 8- week old German Shepherd puppy

At 8- weeks the puppy is still new and vulnerable. Spending time with your puppy helps you two to bond.

Take advantage of the daily routines such as feeding time, potty breaks, and grooming to be gentle, loving, and sweet to your puppy. This will make them trust and ease up to you.


How you take care of your puppy when they are young and vulnerable determines the kind of relationship you will have with them.

An 8- week old German Shepherd is needy, especially with potty training. You may need to clean up a few accidents before they are potty trained. Feeding the right food helps your puppy grow healthy and strong.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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