Best Dog Diaper for Bowel Incontinence

Every dog has bowel incontinence at some point in their lives. Bowel incontinence is caused by medical issues or age. It does not matter the cause, one this is sure, you need a reliable dog diaper for this.

Dog diapers are mainly in two types; disposable and reusable. Every pet parent has their preference. We will cover the best disposable and reusable dog diapers. Dog diapers help keep the dog comfortable and free to move around when they have bowel and urine incontinence or when female dogs have their heat cycle.

The best dog diaper for bowel incontinence is All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap (B07C22NTL4). These diapers have great absorbency and feature a wetness indicator. They have a breathable and comfortable stretchy fabric to keep your dog free when wearing them. These diapers feature 360-degree leak-proof protection barriers to prevent messes around the house.

Best Dog Diaper for Bowel Incontinence

1. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

If you have a puppy with bowel incontinence, the pet parents brand has reusable diapers in an extra small size that perfectly fits puppies. They come in black color and are economical to use.

These diapers feature Velcro closure to secure the diapers snuggly on your dog, without their fur sticking on the diaper.

The diapers have a waterproof layer to prevent leaks that cause messes on the floors and furniture. The diaper has a sewn-in pad for maximum absorption. They are made from good material that is easy to maintain.

These diapers are also useful for female dogs during their heat cycle. The diapers stay firm on the dog; they do not fall off.


  • They feature extra small sizes for puppies
  • The black color is easy to maintain
  • They feature Velcro closure
  • They hold firm on the dog


 For severe diarrhea, you need an extra pad

2. Simple Solution True Fit Dog Diapers 

Maybe you want something comfortable for your dog, the simple solutions true fit feature a stretchable fabric for your pet’s comfort. The stretchy fabric also gives a perfect fit around your dog.

These diapers are for female dogs with bowel incontinence, urine incontinence, and heat cycle. The diapers have an XXL size for large female breeds.

The diapers have fur-friendly fasteners to avoid fur pulling when wearing or removing the diapers. These diapers have solutions for wiggly dogs, they feature a tail hole and extra-long wings to keep them in place when your dog is wiggling.

All these features give your dog a leak-proof fit that minimizes messes and lets your dog move freely.


  • They feature stretchable fabric
  • There is a size for extra large dogs
  • It features a leak-proof leak


  • You might need to size up

3. All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap

These are Amazon’s best-selling diapers for male dogs. They have a breathable outer layer that keeps your dog comfortable even when it is hot.

They deliver a snug fit for your dog while keeping his fur safe; the diapers have fur-friendly fasteners. The diapers do not fall off the wiggliest dogs.

If you’ve been having problems with diaper change time, these diapers have you covered with a reliable wetness indicator, to alert you when it’s time for a change. The 360-degree leak-proof protection barriers prevent messes from leaks.

The absorbance is super and can hold poop incontinence. If you are looking for a reliable male diaper that will keep your dog comfortable even in the heat and reliably absorb messes, this is the diaper for you.


  • They have a wetness indicator
  • The outer layer is breathable
  • They have 360-degree leak-proof protection


  • They are not for large dogs

4. Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers

These diapers have multiple inner layers for maximum absorption. Pet Magasin Dog diapers are perfect for training a puppy, female dogs during their heat cycle, and bowel incontinence.

They feature strong velcros for the best fitting. The Velcro closure is fur-friendly. This closure also gives a fashionable look for your dog.

Some dogs dislike reusable diapers because of the texture. Pet magasin diapers have a soft texture that dogs cannot resist.

The layer against your dog’s skin is breathable and comfortable. The diapers are fitting for a range of waist lengths and sizes. You do not need to struggle to find a fitting one for your dog.


  • They have multiple layers for absorption
  • They have a soft texture
  • They fit a wide range of waist length


  • You need a flexible tape to measure your dog’s size

FAQs- Best Dog Diaper for Bowel Incontinence

How Long Can A Dog Have A Diaper On?

Your dog can wear a diaper for a few hours. The amount of time your dog has a diaper on is determined by how long they take to soil it. Dog diapers should be changed soon after they soil them.
Having a wet diaper on for a long time can cause skin rashes on your dog’s skin. Also, if your dog has the diaper on for too long they will be uncomfortable.

Is there an Issue With A Dog Wearing A Diaper Overnight?

It is good to allow your dog a break from the diapers. Unless your dog has bowel incontinence at night, they should sleep without one. There is no need to put your dog in a diaper if they do not have accidents at night.
However, if your dog cannot control their bladder or has bowel incontinence at night, she can have a diaper overnight.

Why Does My Dog Hate Diapers?

Diapers are not comfortable, especially if your dog has never had one on before. If your dog keeps wiggling, maybe they are just playful. To prevent the diaper from falling off, you can use diaper suspenders.

Buying the best dog diaper for bowel incontinence is not just about sizes. There are important factors involved like material, absorbency, Velcro closure among others as highlighted in the product review.

If you are looking for a perfect diaper for your puppy, Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers (B074YZKSH4) are the best option. These diapers come in an extra small size that fits puppies perfectly. They have great absorbency and come in an easy-to-maintain black color.


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