4 Best Dog Diapers for Females in Heat (Heat Cycle)- 2023 Review

Best Dog Diapers for Females in Heat

It is thrilling that your pooch is now fully grown, and she is now in heat!

What next?

When your female dog is experiencing a heat cycle, she will bleed, and if you don’t take quick action, the blood stains might soil your carpet or sofa.

If this happens, you shouldn’t just watch! You can help your dog by diapering. You should find a good diaper for females in heat and have a packet in stock in case of emergencies.

However, not every dog diaper is designed for the heat cycle. There are dog diapers for poop, but they may not be convenient for pups in heat. A good diaper for heat should be made with a soft material and be super absorbent.

Here are the best diapers for females in heat that we recommend:

Brand Detail Price
CuteBone Reusable Dog Diapers Female Best Budget Amazon.com
Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers Editor’s Pick Amazon.com


Best Dog Diapers for Females in Heat Reviews- Top Picks

1. CuteBone Reusable Dog Diapers Female– Best Budget

These female dog diapers come in 3 reusable pieces and different colors. They are easy to clean because they can be machine washed.

They are eco-friendly and effective in your dog’s heat cycle. They come in different sizes, and you can pick one based on your dog’s measurements. The diapers feature adjustable Velcro closure for a snug fit.

These diapers are made of premium materials. They have a sewn-in diaper pad and bird-eye mesh fabric for your dog’s skin. The mesh fabric promotes breathability to prevent skin reactions in sensitive dogs. It has a waterproof outer shell and anti-leak PUL layer to prevent messes on carpets or couches.

With these diapers, you do not need an extra disposable sanitary pad because the diapers have high absorbency.


  • They are machine-washable
  • They feature adjustable Velcro closure
  • Premium material
  • It has a bird-eye mesh fabric


  • They can’t hold urine in case your dog has an accident

2. Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers– Editor’s Pick

The Paw Inspired diapers feature a combination of breathable bottom layers and leak-proof edges, making them perfect for the heat cycle. Your dog can pee in these diapers without fluid leaks.

The diapers convert fluid into gel instantly. These diapers also have adjustable fur-resistant fasteners for a good fit.

The Paw Inspired diapers have super absorbency, which makes them perfect for multiple uses. They can be used for urinary incontinence, puppy training, diarrhea, and bowel incontinence.

These disposable diapers are also convenient when traveling with your dog during their heat cycle. They make doggy road trips a lot of fun!


  • They feature leak-proof edges
  • The bottom layer is breathable
  • They are perfect for multipurpose usage


  • You need suspenders to hold them on a playful dog

3. Simple Solution Dog Diapers for Female Dogs

Simple solution diapers feature a stretchy fabric material that gives your dog a hugging fit. They have new adjustable fit sizes for 18-27 inch waist.

These diapers are designed with your female dog’s fur in mind. They feature fur-friendly fasteners. The diaper remains on your dog without fur sticking to the diaper.

The diapers have a wetness indicator to tell you when it’s time to change your dog, to avoid skin irritation and messes.

The diapers are very absorbent and hold in liquid pretty well with the tail hole and extra-long wings. The tail hole and long wings help prevent leaks for dogs that wiggle the diaper. Simple solution diapers guarantee comfort and dryness for your dog.


  • They have a wetness indicator
  • They have fur-friendly fasteners
  • They feature extra-long wings
  • They have a tail hole


  • The tail opening needs to be enlarged

If you have a GSD dog or other large dog breed, here are dog diapers you can buy.

4. Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

These diapers are a pack of three and come in a beautiful print design. The diapers have an adjustable closure to give your dog a correct fit.

The diapers have high absorbency for heat cycles. They have a black inner pad that is easy to maintain, making reusing more pleasant for you and your pet.

The diapers also feature an odor control layer to keep your pet smelling fresh even when they have accidents. The diapers have a tail hole that fits well to keep your dog comfortable and dry.

The material is softer than most disposable diapers, for dogs with skin allergies. The hook and loop are easy to put on and it keeps the diaper on your dog even when they are playing.


  • They have a beautiful print design
  • The inner pad is black
  • The material is soft
  • The hook and loop is easy to put on


  • It is tricky to find the perfect size

Buying Guide: Key Considerations


For a diaper to be effective during a dog’s heat cycle, it should be fitting. Knowing your dog’s measurement is important in getting the right diaper.

For reusable diapers and disposable diapers, the diaper should feature an adjustable waist, to give your dog a comfortable, snug fit.


The diaper design should appeal to you; having your dog wear something that does not look good on them is not appealing. Prints that blend in with your dog’s color are great. While we look at prints, ensure that the diaper has a tail hole if your dog has a tail. For dogs with no tail, there is no need for a tail hole.


Can the diaper hold if your dog happens to have an accident? Diapers with super absorbency are better because they can hold even when your dog has accidents. Good absorbency also helps prevent leaks.


Knowing the things to consider when buying female dog diapers eases the process of choosing the best diaper for your dog. Your dog’s comfort comes paramount as they will have the diaper on for a while.


I am an animal behaviorist, and I am happy to share my knowledge with GSD owners on everything German Shepherd.

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