4 Best Outdoor Kennel for German Shepherd to buy in April 2024 Reviews

Sometimes, pet owners prefer to keep their dogs outside, either because they need extra security or because the home has a big compound for the dog to his own house. Whatever your reason, if you have decided to have your dog outside, an outdoor kennel should be on top of your priority list.

Outdoor kennels provide shelter for your dog, and they can shield your dog from harsh weather. Some brands are also climate-controlled, and they can provide a safe haven for your dog in the summer and in winter. Either way, when buying an outdoor kennel, you should find dog kennels that are big enough for German shepherds. If you prefer your German shepherd to stay indoors, you may consider buying a sturdy dog crate.

The best outdoor kennel for German Shepherd is Houseables Dog Kennel. This kennel is made of heavy durable steel to protect your dog and prevent them from moving the cage around. It is spacious and features smooth edges to protect your dog from harm. The roofing is uniquely constructed to protect your German Shepherd from harsh weather. It comes in pre-assembled parts. It is raised from the ground to make it easier for you to clean food droppings and messes. It is an outdoor kennel favorable for you and your German Shepherd.


Best Outdoor Kennel for German Shepherd

Lucky Dog Pet Resort

This kennel is ideal for a large dog like the German Shepherd. It is 48 inches large, making it fit to accommodate large breeds. The cages have dividing panels to allow your dog to grow into them. The center mesh is carefully welded to keep your dog safe.

This kennel is coated with powder to make it durable and rust-proof. The covering is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoors. Your dog cannot get rained on in this kennel. The kennel requires no tools to assemble. It is perfect for your dog’s time spent outside. With this cage, your dog feels safe when outside.


  • The assembly is easy and requires no tools
  • It has dividing panels
  • The cover is weather-proof
  • It is large
  • It has no sharp edges


  • The dog can open the latch if not properly locked

Houseables Dog Kennel

If your German Shepherd keeps pushing things around, this outdoor kennel is made of heavy steel that is not easy for your dog to push around. To keep your dog from harm, the kennel has smooth edges. The kennel is spacious for your dog to feel comfortable and play inside it while being safe. The tarp is waterproof for rainy days.

This kennel has its advantages for you too. It comes with pre-assembled parts that are easy to set up. The kennel is raised from the ground for easier cleaning. The food droppings and messes are easy to pick up. Your dog can enjoy an outdoor time protected and comfortable.


  • It is made of heavy and secure steel
  • It comes in pre-assembled parts
  • It is raised from the ground
  • Tarp is water-proof


  • It’s a little flimsy when moving it but once it is in place it’s fine.

Midwest Homes for Pets

If you are looking for a spacious outdoor kennel, this one is great. It has a strong chain link that keeps your dog safe when outside. It has enough space for your German Shepherd to play and feel comfortable. the well-constructed chain link makes it durable. It lasts for years without any damage.

The top cover is a polythene fabric that blocks the sun. the fabric is weather-proof. The latch is so secure that your dog cannot break out of the kennel, especially when you are running errands away from home. The setup requires a pair of pliers only and it is easy to put together.


  • The latch is secure
  • Polythene fabric protects against the sun
  • It is spacious
  • The chain link is unique and secure


  • You might require help to assemble it

Starplast Dog House Kennel

This is a lightweight dog house that takes a few minutes during assembling. It is uniquely made from heavy-duty durable polypropene plastic material. It is perfect for a German Shepherd to relax outdoors. The kennel protects your dog from the harsh sun and rain. It is a house for your dog, with space to make the dog comfortable.

To keep your dog comfortable, the kennel features an open doorway to allow your German Shepherd to breathe and let out heat on a hot day. The kennel is durable because it is rust-proof and dog bite-proof. The material is easy to clean for your dog’s hygiene.


  • It has a unique design
  • The house is well ventilated for hot weather
  • The material is rust-proof
  • It is easy to clean


  • The walls are thin but sturdy

Buying Outdoor Kennel for German Shepherd- What to Consider


An outdoor kennel should be covered on the top. This is to protect your German Shepherd from harsh weather like the hot sun or rain. The roofing should be water-proof and sun-proof to be effective.


The kennel should be made of strong steel or material that will keep your dog safe. The material should be bite-proof. The material must be rust-proof to enhance durability.


An ideal outdoor kennel should be spacious. Space is good for your German Shepherd to feel comfortable enough for them to play while enjoying the outdoor experience. If you keep your dog outside for hours, it is good to have space.


An outdoor kennel is a necessary supply for your German Shepherd. It is good to let your dog enjoy an outdoor experience even if it is just for a while. As mentioned above, key features to consider when buying an outdoor kennel are; size, strength, roofing, durability, and cleaning method. Getting an outdoor kennel that can be easily cleaned is a plus for you.

Maybe you are looking for a unique kennel that will feel like a home for your German Shepherd. The Starplast Dog House Kennel is a perfect choice to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and free during outdoor hours. This kennel is easy to assemble and also easy to clean.

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