Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere?

Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere?

If your German shepherd is following you everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom, garden, and everywhere you go, it might feel good on the first days but with time you will feel that he is overdoing it. You will have to ask yourself the reason behind your German shepherd following you and what you can do to stop it and have your space back.

The reasons why your German shepherd is following you are because he wants more attention, he is scared, wants more food, he is clingy or he is suffering from anxiety problems. He can also follow you if he is bored or because of the pack and herding instincts.  

8 Reasons why your German Shepherd is Following You Everywhere

Seeking Attention

Your German shepherd will follow you because he wants to get your attention. Sometimes, training and excising him might not be enough for him and he will demand more like some cuddling. Do not submit to his demands because he will get used to them and demand more.

He is Scared

German shepherds are known for their bravery but this might not be the case always. There will be times when they will feel scared and will look to their owner for comfort and safety.

Want More Food

German shepherds have a big appetite and will want more and more food even after giving him the right amount of food per day. He will follow you everywhere wanting more but it’s mostly if you normally give him treats or table food when he is around you. You should cease the habit because you will be encouraging him to follow you more.

He is Needy and Clingy

Your German shepherd will follow you everywhere you go because he is just clingy. This can be triggered by a lot of things like past trauma making him want to be around you to feel secure.

It can also have resulted from a disease like hearing and sight loss, this will make him want to be around you always.

His Natural Herding Instincts

German shepherds were bred as herders to assist in guarding and keeping the flock together. When your German shepherd lacks a herd of animals to guard, he will turn to offer his services to his two-legged friend. The only way he can be sure you are safe is by being around you every time, he can’t guard you when you are when he is in his kennel.


German shepherds are active dogs that require a lot of exercise to release some energy. They require a lot of exercises like walking, hiking, swimming, and playing games. If your German shepherd does not have anything to do, he will follow you around to keep himself busy. He can also be following you eagerly expecting a command.

Pack Instincts

German shepherds are descendants of the wolves. The wolves always move in packs, your German shepherd will not have a pack to move with but will have the pack instincts.

The pack instincts will make him follow you as the leader of the pack and will always be eager to please you.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety will make your German shepherd follow you everywhere. Separation anxiety results from panic attacks when you are leaving him. What distinguishes a German shepherd with separation anxiety and a clingy one is that a clingy German shepherd does not display show anxiety issues while you are leaving but a German shepherd with separation anxiety will be anxious and will show distress.

How to stop your German shepherd from following you


If your GSD is following you to get your attention, ignore him. This will make him learn that he can only get your attention when he does a good thing but not by following you.

Exercise Him

You should exercise your dog daily so that he can have something to do, he will also release some energy that could have been used to follow you. Exercises will also make him healthy and avoid destructive behaviors.

Address Separation Anxiety

If you notice your German shepherd is getting anxious and stressed when you leave him, use a positive reinforcement method the next time you are leaving him. You can give him his favorite toy to keep him busy.

Crate Train

When you crate train your German shepherd, you will be able to leave him without him getting stressed, and also he will not follow you around. A dog crate makes a dog feel secure in his territory and he will not be much bothered by what you are doing.

Get Professional Help

If the above methods do not seem to stop your German shepherd from following you, seek professional help. A professional will help identify the problem and recommend the best way to end it.


It is natural for a German shepherd to follow you mostly because of his pack and herding instincts. Nevertheless, there is still a need to let him explore the environment on his own which will allow you to get your own space.

Socializing your GSD at an early age can help solve the problem of your German shepherd following you everywhere.


Carol is a paw parent, and her love for dogs started when she was just 5. She adores her two German Shepherds and a Bengal cat, who she says, "life would be incomplete without"

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